Genesis Delivers Cars in Canada in a Fancy, Transparent, Light-Up Trailer

Test drives, purchases, and even maintenance can all be done without the customer setting foot inside a dealership.

A new gimmick for Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis up in Canada is home or office delivery of their cars, meaning the customers never have to set foot inside a dealership. However, it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes when they deliver cars, they send out a Chevy Silverado hauling a big, see-through car trailer (fully illuminated with LEDs on the inside for nighttime visibility) carrying a new luxury sedan to its new owner for all the world to see. This is a level of luxury we had no idea we needed.

After the car is delivered, a Genesis representative gives you a full tour of the car’s features and amenities like they normally would at the dealership. They answer any questions, hand over the keys, and you become the proud new owner of a Genesis without having to leave the house. They even schedule a “second delivery” and send someone to your house later to see how you’re doing with the car. The Genesis rep will answer any questions after the new customer has had a chance to live with their new car for a little while.

At-home service doesn’t just apply to delivery, but to test drives and maintenance as well. Feel like test driving a Genesis? They’ll bring one to your driveway so you can take it for a spin. Time for some maintenance on your G80 or G90? Genesis will swing by with a shuttle for you to use, pick up your car, and bring it back when it’s ready. Genesis says this level of at-home service and customer convenience is an industry exclusive and exclusive to Canada.

The guys at TheStraightPipes saw the fancy trailer for themselves and spent some time with a fellow named Patrick, manager of product strategy and marketing for Genesis Canada, to talk about the program and about the high-tech luxury sedans Genesis offers. See their experience for yourself below.