Genesis Announces ‘Spectrum’ All-Inclusive Leasing Program for G70, G80, and G90

Like similar services offered by Volvo, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz, Spectrum rolls maintenance, lease, and insurance payments into one monthly sum.

byChris Tsui|
Genesis News photo

Following in the footsteps of its competitors, Genesis is rolling out its own subscription program that bundles a car payment, maintenance, and insurance into one monthly fee. The company is calling it "Genesis Spectrum" and it'll be available on new G70, G80, and G90 sedans. Presumably, Spectrum will become a thing nationwide eventually but it'll only be available in Florida for now.

The Hyundai luxury arm hasn't announced pricing yet but notes that it comes with three years of complimentary scheduled maintenance, connected services, roadside assistance, as well as the company's existing Service Valet program. With Service Valet, you can schedule a service appointment via mobile app and the car is picked up from a location of your choosing (say, your house for example), a loaner is dropped off, and your car is later returned to you when the service is completed. No more waiting rooms. All in all, nothing new in the industry, but a nice perk to have nonetheless.

"We designed Genesis Spectrum as a seamless leasing experience that acts as an extension of the Genesis brand and its values," Genesis COO Erwin Raphael. "More than anything, the Genesis Spectrum premise respects our customers’ time, which is their most valuable luxury."

In case you were wondering, the Spectrum-provided insurance is backed by Metlife Auto & Home.

Lexus recently announced a subscription service of its own called Lexus Complete Lease. Packaging the cost of a car, insurance, and maintenance into one monthly rate, that program is only currently available with the UX crossover. Book by Cadillac and Care by Volvo also feature similar premises. The Volvo service throws in detailing while Cadillac's pricier plan allows the subscriber to swap between different cars up to 18 times a year.