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Watch a NASCAR Crash at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Incoming jokes about NASCARs only being able to turn left.

This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed has been quite a hit, from the introduction of the drift competition to McLaren’s LEGO 720S. This homage to vintage British racing usually produces some quality entertainment, and if you aren’t interested in the scores of million-dollar hyper cars, countless production car reveals, and rally stages, the crashes always generate some laughs—and tears. Every year, Lord March invites a diverse group of vehicles to take part, so seeing a car completely out of its element try to tackle the infamous hill climb is always great. Watch as a NASCAR tries and fails to make the climb in Goodwood’s latest video.

This video uploaded by Goodwood’s Youtube channel shows a Chevrolet NASCAR piloted by Ed Berrier understeer through a right turn and slam into a hay wall at relative speed. As the commentators state, it looks like the crash was due to a part failure of some sort. We can see that the left tires are spinning correctly, so it most likely had to a suspension or brake piece in one of the right tires that caused the car to understeer. There’s no angle of the right side of the car, but it looks like one of the wheels wasn’t spinning either, so it definitely was a car screw up and not driver error. 

That means you can keep your hilarious and original “NASCARs can’t make right turns” jokes to yourselves, folks.