Watch This Three-Rotor Peugeot 205 Go Wild at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

This Peugeot 205 GTI has a mid-mounted three rotor engine, and boy is it rowdy.

Every year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed cars and drivers of all calibers arrive from every corner of the globe to challenge the 1.2 mile (1.86 kilometer) long race course at the West Sussex, U.K. Goodwood House. During the four day event spectators can expect to see anything from historic Le Mans winning GT cars, the legends of Group B Rally, modern day racing cars, and manufacturer prototypes, all racing up the hill to provide a glimpse into what each car has to offer in their own respect.

This year in particular, a spectator made it a goal to capture video of their favorite car they had also spotted at the same event back in 2017. The vehicle in question? A 20B three-rotor swapped Peugeot 205 GTI rally car. According to YouTube user 19Bozzy92, under the 205 GTI body is actually a 4×4 off-road buggy with a mid-mounted peripheral ported Mazda 20B tri-rotor engine capable of around 430 horsepower. In layman’s terms, this car is an absolute Frankenstein as well as it is a noisemaker, and a fantastic one at that.

Driven and built by Vincent Foucart this is one of those cars that you just cannot keep your eyes off of, especially when he fires up the rather unexpected rotary engine which has a sound that is almost unmistakably delicious. Check out the video for yourself, as Foucart takes off on the hill climb section of the course, and shortly thereafter attacks one of the off-road sections on the Goodwood House campus.

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