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Watch This Hilarious Clip of a Chevy Silverado Hitting 500,000 Miles

Nothing adds a little excitement to an odometer milestone like dramatic narration.

The Chevy Silverado has been a reliable, well-liked vehicle on the U.S. car market since its birth in 1978, when it was just a trim on the C/K pickup. In 1999, the Silverado became the official model name for Chevy’s truck, and the name has proven to be a staple on the list America’s best-selling passenger vehicles ever since. Recently, an early 2000s Silverado owner posted a YouTube video of his beloved truck hitting the 500,000 mile mark.

Rather than posting some “Yup, this is my high-mileage truck” type video, the owner and passenger put on a nice skit depicting a kind of birthday party. The video starts with the camera zoomed in on the odometer as it hits 500,000. The owner then says “And there is great rejoicing,” and pans over to the passenger who is beautifully (and unenthusiastically) wearing a party hat and blowing a noisemaker. The camera changes its view a second time and focuses on a cupcake with a sole candle barely flickering. The driver then turns on the A/C (which is somehow still working) in order for the old Silverado to blow out its candle. 

The Drive would like to sincerely congratulate the old Silverado and its owner on achieving this Herculean milestone.