Carving a Chevy Silverado Out of Wood Is Hard. Making It Functional Is Even Harder

It’s got working suspension, folding running boards, and windows that can roll up and down.

byChris Tsui|
Chevrolet News photo

Hey, wanna see a miniature Chevy Silverado be built from scratch out of wood? Of course, you do. Originally spotted by GM Authority and brought to us by Woodworking Art on YouTube, the same carving expert who sculpted that tree-based Toyota Land Cruiser, is just that: A wooden recreation of Chevy's latest Silverado—the 2500 HD, to be specific. 

Just like the Land Cruiser, it's a deeply impressive build that includes a working suspension system, four opening doors with windows that can roll up and down, a functioning tailgate, mirrors that can be folded in and out, and a hood that opens to expose a clone of the engine bay. Aesthetically, it's not bad either with a front grille that's been meticulously chiseled to resemble the real thing. There are even little mock parking sensors, tow hooks, and running boards that pop in and out, presenting themselves to any diminutive passengers only when necessary.

Talent: this guy has it.

If you're wondering why this particular Silverado has a piece of gold trim running around it, that's because it's modeled after a Carhartt Special Edition. Based on the 2500 LTZ crew cab, as this one is, the real-life Carhartt Silverado was first revealed at last year's SEMA show and features the Z71 off-road pack, twin-tube Rancho shocks, Carhartt gold pinstriping, and 20-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, among other things. Note the little Carhartt logos that have been chiseled in beside "Silverado" on this wooden interpretation. 

The real 2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition., Chevrolet

If only our year at home were this productive.

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