Watch the World’s Worst Drift Attempt Destroy An Audi A8

Just hit the gas and turn the wheel, right?

byKyle Cheromcha| UPDATED Jun 1, 2017 11:47 AM
Watch the World’s Worst Drift Attempt Destroy An Audi A8

We'll warn you up front, this video is painful to watch for anyone with at least a passing interest in cars. Yes, it's fun enough to point and laugh at the moron behind the wheel, but there's nothing particularly pleasant about watching someone destroy a perfectly good Audi A8 with a terrible drift and sheer stupidity. 

The video starts with the driver positioning the car at the far edge of a small, janky dirt parking lot lined with the detritus of rural industry—perfect conditions for a close-quarters drift, as we all know. The faint sounds of Europop jackhammer away at your ears before the driver begins his ill-fated attempt, stomping on the gas and slinging the wheel left.

For a brief, glorious moment, the back end steps out and he's drifting this four-wheel-drive European luxobarge... right into the side of a barn. The sickening crunch doesn't stop him though, as he keeps his foot planted and heads right for another pointy corner, slamming the poor A8 into a pile of shipping containers. The right side of the Audi is completely trashed, and front axle damage is apparent as the driver tries his luck moving the car under its own power at the end of the video.

The A8 has a Torsen-based Quattro system with a 50-50 torque split front to back, so it can be tricky to get it sliding if you don't know what you're doing. With two crashes in five seconds, we think it's safe to say this guy did not.