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All-New 2018 Audi A8 Will Be Unveiled in July

Expect more tech, new engines, and less weight from Audi's flagship sedan.

A new generation of Audi A8 will debut in July in front of journalists at the Audi Summit in Barcelona, Carscoops reports. 

The new car will be the fourth generation of the A8. The executive sedan will be built on the MLBevo platform, which is also used for the current-generation Q7, Bentley Bentayga, Volkswagen Phideon, and a few other Volkswagen Group vehicles, the report said.

The new A8 is expected to be lighter, more powerful, and have more tech than the current generation car—which is generally how it goes when a new generation of a model is unveiled. Specifically, the new car will have new semi-autonomous driver assistance tech, a new 460-horsepower V8 engine, a new 565-HP W-12, and a handful of diesel powertrain options that probably won’t make it to America. (Thanks, Dieselgate.)

Don’t expect any massive departures from Audi’s general look, however. The new car will be just as Audi as the previous A8, which means angular and clean corners, but tweaked to go along with the looks of recently-updated Audis—the Q7, A4, and A5 to name a few. 

Check out video of the not-yet-released car below.