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Watch a Contractor Break into a Ford Transit Van in Seconds

After having his van broken into, a British man showed just how easily criminals popped in and stole his tool.

Having your car burglarized is a concern on almost every car owner’s mind but it’s especially worrisome for people who use their vehicle as an office. Contractors can be particularly susceptible to vehicle burglarization, since they have thousands of dollars worth of tools in their vans on a regular basis.

Cambridge, England native Alan Hill found out that his new Ford Transit van wasn’t as secure as he would have hoped the hard way, after thieves broke into it and stole $835 worth of tools. In hopes of shedding light on how unsecure the conventional van is, Hills made a quick video showing how the thieves broke into his van. According to the video, they popped the key housing on the driver’s side door, and twisted the lock back-and-forth two times to unlock the vehicle. The thieves were then able to access the rear compartment and steal the tools.

Alan said, “I’m not trying to tell people how to break into a van. I’m trying to encourage drivers to get better locks fitted to stop it happening.” 

Many contractors install additional locks onto rear compartment doors, but it’s still shocking to see how unsecure a new-model vehicle can be.