Ford Recalls More Transit Vans Due to Issues With Faulty Wiring

The recall that originally affected around 70,000 units has now been expanded to include nearly 100,000 Fords.

Ford Motor Company has issued a vehicle safety recall for select 2015, 2016, and 2017 Ford Transit vans for increased risk of water intrusion into a trailer tow module. The lack of a drainage hole near the module could lead to water corrosion, an electrical short, and increase the risk of fire.

In a statement released Wednesday, the Blue Oval explained that Ford Transit vans equipped with a trailer tow module and connector do not possess the appropriate insulation device and/or the necessary drainage channels to divert water away from the component. Corrosion on the ground wire of the module from prolonged water intrusion could result in an electrical short, which could cause a burning smell, increase the risk of fire, and even cause the seat belt pretensioner to actuate. Ford claims that these side-effects could happen while the vehicle is in motion, as well as when it’s parked.

Stock or outfitted Ford Transit vans could be affected by the exposed trailer tow module., Ford

Vehicles affected by this recall include 2015-2017 Ford Transit vehicles built at the company’s Kansas City Assembly Plant between February 2014 to August 2017. According to Ford, 90,864 of the 99,893 vehicles affected reside in the United States, with another 9,029 in Canada. The original recall involved around 70,000 units, but the automaker admitted to making a mistake when sorting out which models were affected by the issue and had to release a second recall.

Customers are urged to visit their local Ford dealerships, where a technician will drill a drainage hole into the driver’s door stepwell and incorporate a fuse into the vehicle wiring harness at no cost to the customer. Affected owners can reference recall number 17S34.