Ford Begins Production of Electric Delivery Vans in Germany

The Transit chassis-based vehicles are being built in partnership with German EV developer StreetScooter.

byTalon Homer|
Ford Begins Production of Electric Delivery Vans in Germany


This month, Ford started assembly on a specialized electric delivery van it calls the "Deutsche Post StreetScooter WORK XL" at its factory in Cologne, Germany. The Transit chassis-based van features an electric drivetrain designed by StreetScooter, an EV company also based in Germany. According to a release from Ford, the WORK XL transits are all destined to serve as parcel shipping vehicles for Deutsche Post DHL, the current owner of StreetScooter.

“With Ford, we have found the ideal partner who understands our flexible and customer-oriented way of production. Together, we are promoting electromobility in Germany and making inner‑city delivery traffic more environmentally friendly and quieter," said StreetScooter CEO Dr. Achim Kampker. "With the new WORK XL StreetScooter, we now have the perfect e-van for parcel delivery in metropolitan areas, which in the future will also benefit other transport companies.”

Ford states that its assigned around 180 employees with the task of producing sixteen examples of the WORK XL per day, and up to 3,500 vehicles in one year. As the vans roll out of the plant, they will be utilized by DHL drivers across Germany. For this purpose, the vehicle offers up more than 700 cubic feet of cargo space, and will be able to carry a 2,800 pound load up to 120 miles on a single charge.

These numbers are achieved thanks to 76 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion batteries supplied by StreetScooter. The batteries power a motor sending 120 horspower and 200 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels. Ford also estimates that replacing diesel vans with its electric equivalent will save an average of 500 gallons of fuel per vehicle, per year.

While the WORK XL is currently only available to DHL within Germany, "The future availability of the electric van to third-party customers is under consideration."