Over 88,000 2018 GMC Terrain SUVs Recalled Due to Possible Airbag Deployment Issue

As of April 20, no accidents, injuries, or fatalities have been reported on this account.

General Motors has recalled 88,129 units of the GMC Terrain SUV due to a risk associated with airbag deployment. The recalled population will include all 2018 model year Terrain vehicles manufactured between March 14, 2017, and May 22, 2018.

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “In these vehicles, the sensing diagnostic module (SDM), which provides crash sensing and deploys airbags in the event of a crash, may not power down correctly when the vehicle is powered off. If this condition occurs, the SDM may be inoperative when the vehicle is restarted. If the SDM is inoperative when the vehicle is started, the airbag warning lamp will be illuminated, the driver information center will display a ‘service restraint system’ message, and warning chimes will sound.”

It also states that “If the SDM is inoperative, the SDM will not detect a crash or command deployment of airbags, increasing the risk of injury in a crash.” Thankfully, as per GM’s data analysis, up until April 20, no accidents, injuries, or fatalities have been reported.

The recall does not impact all units, only those manufactured before the verified breakpoint. Vehicles produced after May 22, 2018, have the updated SDM software and have not indicated susceptibility to this type of module lock-up condition. The report also identifies the component manufacturer to this SDM as Autoliv / Vioneer.

Interestingly, the estimated percentage with the defect is only 1 percent of the 88,000-plus vehicle recall. As a remedy, dealers will be reprograming the SDM with updated software. Also, all covered GMC Terrain vehicles are under warranty so no reimbursement is being offered to the customers.