Watch This Ferrari F2004 V10 F1 Car Fly Around Monza

One of Michael Schumacher’s treasures only sounds better with age.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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The Ferrari F2004 kicked butt when it was piloted by Michael Schumacher way back when. It became one of the winningest cars in Formula 1 history, setting records for the team and solidifying the legends career in history. The car in this video is chassis no. 234, and research shows that it won 5 races during its heyday. A recent Ferrari client event at Monza brought out some of the top car's in the company's history, but this one may have been the star of it all.

Exhaust noise is the key to this clip. This car may have been the best sounding racer during F1's V-10 era, and that's a high honor considering the field it was up against. In some applications, the 053 engine could scream to 19K RPM, making 920 horsepower at peak revs. That's a lot coming from a naturally aspirated 3.0L, no matter how you square it up.

It set lap records at nine tracks, all of which still stand today. Six of those nine circuits are still being used in F1 during 2017, making it a remarkable feat that may not be topped for years to come.

Most importantly, the F2004 pushed Schumacher to five years of dominance in F1. His legendary reign was concluded by his stint with this car, and to many, that's more significant than any other aspect of the car.

Watch and listen here as the driver brings it up to speed at Monza. Is there a better sounding machine out there than this? 

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