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This Ferrari 308 GTB Is Driven Daily on the Streets of Thailand

Bangkok makes a surprisingly good habitat for this Italian driver.

People shouldn’t be afraid to drive their classic car. As this Petrolicious video shows, keeping your precious car confined to a garage adds to the stigma of owning a vintage auto—and besides, it’s just a waste. This Ferrari owner in Thailand proves that with his sharply-fitted 308 GTB, which fits him like a nicely tailored suit that he just wants to show off to everyone. Driving through the streets of Bangkok may not be the easiest, but for this petrolhead, it’s the highlight of his day.

Not only is Chayanin Debhakam happy to drive his car every day, he’s proud of it. The video portrays him lighting up with a smile just talking about the car’s significance, telling its history. He notes that the 308 was the first mid-engine V8 Ferrari—a layout that has since become a staple in the Maranello lineup. Debhakam also goes onto explain that this car was the one for him thanks to its details; in look and feel, it was just like the first Ferrari he ever saw.

Debhakam goes onto explain how the car came into his possession, telling a tale of meeting the President of the Ferrari Club of Thailand, and how they sourced this example. It was a special occasion (there weren’t many in the country), so his car was his alone, unlike anything else on the treets of Bangkok. 

The car was restored to factory condition. Unique specifics from front to rear give this 308 GTB character, and the owner wanted to rejuvenate that personality. Even after the resto, he continues to drive it every chance he gets, and always with a smile on his face.

Watch as Petrolicious perfectly covers this Ferrari’s one-of-a-kind story.