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Transforming a Volkswagen Into a 740 Horsepower Guided Missile

Driving An HPA-Tuned Volkswagen Golf R That Thinks It's Godzilla

If you had asked someone in 1977 to predict what we’d be doing in 2016, they’d have said something like “flying around in hovercars,” or “hunting wayward androids.” But if you’d told them about a 740 horsepower Volkswagen, they’d have laughed you right out of the Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips.

HPA Motorsports of B.C. made this astounding-feat-of-the-future happen. It all started when its technical partner, Germany’s HGP Leistungssteigerungen, adapted the European Audi TTRS’s 7-speed DSG DQ500 transmission to VW’s 3.6L VR6 engine. Such a stout gearbox matched to the hugely tunable VR6, now fitted with twin turbos, opened the door to a Golf R with more power than a Dodge Hellcat.

But is it drivable? That’s where Matt Farah came in. Let’s see now…