The Best Smart Garage Door Openers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

Make parking much easier with these top-rated smart garage door openers

byCorrina Murdoch| UPDATED Jul 6, 2021 11:11 AM
The Best Smart Garage Door Openers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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BYCorrina Murdoch/ LAST UPDATED ON July 6, 2021

One of the best features of modern living is the ability to make our daily lives more convenient. There is technology around that takes the tedium out of your day and makes you more efficient. A great example is smart garage door openers. It lets you integrate the function of your garage door remote with your smartphone. Say goodbye to misplaced remotes. Bid adieu to dead batteries and fumbling clumsily with a tiny piece of plastic just to get into your garage.

These handy applications combine the benefits of your garage door tech and the capacity of your smartphone. Of course, not all smart tech is made equally. It’s about compatibility, operating range, and the nuances between the different systems. To help you pin down the best smart garage door openers for your setup, we’ve listed the top options, along with some tips on how to get the most out of your system.

Best Overall
NEXX NXG-200 Garage Door Opener

NEXX NXG-200 Garage Door Opener


Easy to install and use, this smart system hooks up to your existing door setup. It ties in quickly and is compatible with all the major smart home programs.

  • The system has a high compatibility rate
  • It requires little effort to set it up
  • The opener is compact and has a wide accessibility range
  • The smart tech isn’t compatible with all garage door openers
  • It relies on your existing wireless connection which varies based on location
Best Value

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener


Easy to install and use, this smart system hooks up to your existing door setup. It ties in quickly and is compatible with all the major smart home programs.

  • The price point fits most budgets
  • It is straightforward to install
  • By reaching a large area, it adds utility value
  • Not compatible with all garage door openers
  •  The wireless installation can be tricky depending on your wifi 
Honorable Mention

Genie QuietLift Door Opener


Coming with everything you need to fully equip your garage door, this selection includes the actual door opener and a highly compatible smart suite.

  • The set includes the garage door opener
  • It comes with extra remotes. 
  • This smart opener works quietly and efficiently
  • Since it comes with the full setup, it has a higher price point
  •  It requires some installation

Benefits of Smart Garage Door Opener

  • Adds convenience. Smart door openers enable you to open the garage door from anywhere, regardless of whether you’re in proximity to the sensor. It is less bulky than a remote and adds no extra clutter since it works with your phone. 
  • Improves security. By letting you observe the status of your garage door from anywhere, you can improve security. If there is an entrance to the home through the garage, it gives you control over access to the home. Most apps let you add members, meaning only those who need to get into the garage can do so. 
  • Provides backup opener. Instead of running the risk of misplacing your remote opener or it running out of batteries, this relies on the function of your phone. It means that you won’t have to struggle with inconvenient, missing pieces and can park more efficiently.

Types of Smart Garage Door Openers

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Full Replacement

This type of garage door opener comes with all of the hardware you need to control the entire garage door. It’s an option for times when the garage door already needs repairs. It is guaranteed to be compatible with smart technology since the parts come together. It reoutfits the entire system and comes with the software needed to integrate it into your smart home. This type of opener usually works on a wired setup. 

With Hub

These garage door openers are the easiest to maintain and generally quicker to install. You can set them up either wirelessly or have them wired into the system. Usually, they are compatible with most modern garage doors. The sensors communicate and the hub relays that to your smart home system.

Without Hub

Systems that don’t come with a hub are usually a lot sleeker and take up less space. That said, the wired-in installation process does take a fair bit more time than other options. Once in place, it takes control of your garage door opener. The system sends that information wirelessly to your smart device. Since it feeds directly into your garage door system, this type is durable. 

Top Brands


Held under the umbrella of TEL NEXX, this internationally-known brand has been on the market for a long time. It deals with the creation and manufacturing of items for the technology sector. One of its most popular offerings is the NEXX Smart Wi-Fi Controlled Garage Door Opener


Opening its doors in 1923, this business started as a manufacturer of all types of products, ranging from military to industry. Expanding into the home-supply market, this brand continues to grow its well-known name. A top selection from this brand is the Genie ChainDrive Garage Door Opener.  

Smart Garage Door Opener Pricing

  • Under $30: Openers that fall in this price range are usually fairly simple. The remotes either come with or without hubs, though have a lower likelihood of compatibility. 
  • Between $30 and $100: In this range, you can get high-tech, very compatible smart openers. Either wired or wireless, most smart door openers fall in this spectrum.
  • $100 and up: With door openers priced this way, you will find the hardware as well as the software. These offer a complete garage door opener reset. 

Key Features

Sensor Communication

The sensors on the garage door opener need to be able to communicate with the smart remote. This is critical to compatibility. Most tech on the market is designed to work with the industry-standard sensor design, placed in most garage doors made after 1993. It is important to check this feature as it is necessary to ensure that the remote app can control the door. 


For wireless models especially, the hub is the functional centerpiece of the opener. It acts as a technical liaison between your smartphone and the garage door controls. Usually, the hubs are fairly small and quite sturdy. This essential piece facilitates communication between the application, your smart home setup, and the actual opener. 


The application through which you control your smart remote is a major part of its overall performance. Certain apps work directly with the garage system. Through these, you can see the door’s status and open/close it. Others use your smart home setup to control the device. Ensure that the system is compatible with your preferred smart technology. 

Other Considerations

  • Compatibility: An important thing to keep in mind is the wireless connectivity. Check if the system works exclusively with a certain wireless setup. Most homes have a 2.4 GHz system. The vast majority of smart door openers work with these networks. However, if it is unable to relay communications wirelessly, it can’t function. It’s worth considering. 
  • Installation: Some, especially wired, installations take a lot more effort and time than others. Depending on your preference, you may want to opt for a remote system that takes less time. Those with hubs that connect wirelessly are usually the least demanding in terms of setup. 
  • Maintenance: Everything requires a certain level of upkeep. By keeping the device clean and in a well-ventilated area, you can prevent circuitry issues. Keep the garage door lubricated to prevent issues on the hardware end of things. On the software side, having an effective firewall is helpful too. To get the security benefits, you need to ensure that the wireless system is secure. 
  • Extra Features: Some setups come with spare remotes that work in tandem with the smart system. These are handy in case you lose the phone or it runs out of juice while you are out of the house. It gives you the option of switching modes which is useful if the internet is ever down.

Best Smart Garage Door Openers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Offering a quick and straightforward way to make your life easier, the NEXX NXG-200 Garage Door Opener is a popular option. You can install it as either a hardwired or a wired setup, letting you choose how it’s controlled. This is also very useful during power outages or times when the WiFi might be down. Coming with two actual garage door openers, this system has a lot of fail-safes. Once installed, it works via voice command by using Alexa, Siri, or Google as a proxy. There's no subscription, so there is limited ongoing maintenance. The sensor installs at a quick pace and functions reliably. It’s suitable for all weather and works consistently over long periods.

It is designed to be compatible with most reasonably modern garage door openers. To be sure, the site details the specific brands which work, so it’s best to check beforehand.

Want to up your garage game without breaking the bank? Consider the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener for the benefits of both affordability and high functionality. It comes with a specific application that ties directly to your smart opener. It works on any garage door opener made after 1993. To be compatible, the garage door opener needs to use safety sensors that can communicate with the app. So long as there is this fit, you can easily get it set up. The system works with most standard wireless internet connections and boasts a 50-foot range. This lets you control the garage door while you’re still pulling in. A cost-effective and user-friendly way to improve your garage, this is a great value pick.

Keep in mind that, while the app is reliable, there is no option for a wired connection. This means the function is entirely predicated on working WiFi.

Need to entirely overhaul your garage door situation? Perhaps you just moved. If so, the Genie QuietLift Door Opener is a great way to go. It comes with all of the hardware and software that you need to automate your garage system. Included are two handheld remotes that serve as a backup against a failed internet connection. Additionally, the system can connect with some smart home technology. It uses Aladdin technology so that you can view and control your garage door regardless of your location. For many, this is a way to give access to the home, via the garage. It is an added measure of security that keeps you in control of access. With the ability to add members to the application, only those who need access can get to it. 

Keep in mind that while this is an excellent way to outfit your garage door, it does come with all of the hardware, too. It only works if you need to replace your entire system.

Want something that lets you stick to the basics? Try the Refoss Smart Garage Door Opener. It’s equipped to function with most of the garage doors available. There are clear ways to check if your door fits with this system, though most of the newer ones work. The system doesn’t include a fee and doesn’t work on a subscription basis. Instead, it just connects via WiFi to either an iPhone or an Android system. Setup to be compatible with either Alexa or Google Home, the garage door opener is easy to use. The sensors are consistent and work well, regardless of any ambient dust blocking the way. Relatively compact, you can place the control almost anywhere in the home or garage.

It’s worth noting that, though the opener is effective, the small size leaves it vulnerable to damage. Keep it in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating.

Want to avoid the worry about compatibility? Take a look at the Meross Smart Garage Door Opener. Though it is best to check the fit beforehand, this control has a massive list of compatible setups. It is crafted to be stable yet very sensitive when responding to stimuli. This means that if it gets dirty or damp, there should be no issue with the door working. It works via a hardwired setup, linking into your system easily. Avoiding subscriptions to the service, it simply tethers to your Google Home, SmartThings, or Alexa account. Thanks to this feature, you can integrate it seamlessly with the other smart technology you use regularly. The voice controls are accurate, and the set of functions is simple yet effective. 

Bear in mind that although this set is a good option, it can be a bit trickier to set up. So long as you budget enough time, however, it is a solid way to go.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your whole garage experience, the Genie LED Gliding Garage Door Opener is a worthy candidate. While it is a bit on the pricier side, this is strictly because it comes with all the hardware for a new setup. There are no issues with compatibility since it comes as a complete system. By adding an LED light function, you get the advantage of both opening and illumination. It comes with extra remotes, meant to work in case you misplace your phone (or it dies during the drive). The garage door opener works quietly and connects wirelessly to the Aladdin application. This gives you full access while playing off the benefits of Alexa or Google Home. 

Despite it being a great setup, this system is a fair bit more costly than a model that comes with just the smart hardware. If your garage door is breaking down though, it is definitely a good choice.

Need something that you can link up with your existing smart setup? The Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is worth checking out. If you rely on modern home advantages already, this is a great way to expand that reach. It fits into just about any garage door setup, so long as the sensors can communicate. Without monthly costs to access the system, it works privately for your garage door. By connecting to all sorts of smart systems for the home, it avoids issues with using multiple types of software for your daily function. In terms of performance, the sensors themselves are very accurate, working reliably over the long term. So long as it’s well-maintained, this opener will last a while. 

Though this system is really useful, it is fairly simple and relatively basic. It shows the most benefits when used in conjunction with other smart home technology.

Seeking a way to truly embrace the benefits of modern society? Check out the Aubric Smart Garage Door Opener. To start, it is carefully wired to prevent short-circuiting and overheating issues. The installation is relatively straightforward and goes quickly. Unlike options with a bulky router, this piece is sleek and wires in directly. The application works with Alexa and Google Home, making it accessible for any tech preference. Provided it is compatible with your garage door, the system is reliable and effective. To check the fit, it is best to look online. However, since it is a hardwired installation, the likelihood of a fit is really good. It’s subtle yet effective, making it a great way to avoid clutter. 

It warrants a mention that, while the garage door opener is really useful, it doesn’t have a remote backup. As a result, you may still rely on your analog controls to an extent.

Do you prefer to plan ahead and focus on items that are sure to last? If so, the Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Garage Door Opener is an awesome choice. It comes with a full kit, meant to make the setup process that much easier. It connects to the Aladdin application, giving you a way to both observe and control your garage door. It comes with a backup remote, just in case you lose your phone. The set is designed to integrate into existing Genie garage door openers. It is there to advance the technology, letting you swap out only the parts which control software. With an advanced sensor system, it works accurately and reliably. The associated application lets you use your account to control multiple doors, making it ideal for larger garages. 

Keep in mind that, while there is the capacity to manage multiple doors, it will require additional, compatible parts. That said, it is compatible with all similar devices from the brand which makes expansion easier.

The AGSHome Smart Door Opener is a compact control system that works without a bulky hub. Controlled remotely through your smartphone, it connects to the application to give you full access. It works on a wireless connection, using the 2.4 GHz standard. It lets you provide access (both temporarily and permanently) to those you choose. The software can communicate with Alexa, Google Home, and another application called Tuya Smart Home. It is easy to install, mostly thanks to the compact structure. The wiring is straightforward and it comes with a well-laid-out set of instructions on how to get started. Giving you full control over your garage, this modern option is a good candidate. 

It’s worth noting that, while the system is compatible with most hardware, it works exclusively with 2.4 GHz wireless tech. Check your internet before making your choice. 


  • Check the compatibility beforehand to prevent issues with sensor communication. Certain models only work with select openers. 
  • Replace the hardware and the software together when possible. It ensures compatibility and improves your overall garage door setup. 
  • Practice proper maintenance of the whole system. Keep the sensors clean and ensure that the garage door is well-lubricated to prevent issues with performance. 
  • Opt for something with fail-safes such as an extra remote, wireless and wired installation, and optional access for multiple people. 
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi works with the system you’re choosing. Certain systems only work with 2.4 GHz connections, so be sure you know your specific Wi-Fi situation.  


Q: What does a smart garage door opener do?

Basically, a smart garage door opener takes the abilities of your standard garage door opener and integrates them with your smartphone. It lets you use your smart home technology and voice commands to manage the garage door. You can open, close, and check the status remotely via the application. 

Q: Which brand of garage door opener is best?

There are a lot of options for garage door technology, and the best one is that which fits with your existing system. If you are looking for a total overhaul, Genie products have a proven track record of industry success.

Q: Can smart garage door openers be hacked?

Any technology can, theoretically, be hacked. However, the application lets you introduce safeguards through your smartphone to mitigate this risk. In most cases, even a standard level of protection is sufficient. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with the nuances of smart garage door openers, you can get started. Maybe you’ll like the NEXX NXG-200 Garage Door Opener or the value of the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener. There’s a setup for everyone.