Best Garage Parking Aids: Know Where to Park in Your Garage

The best simple solutions for marking the right parking spot in a garage

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PUBLISHED ON October 9, 2019

Don't know how to park in a garage without running into something? This might sound far-fetched, but it's actually a common problem, especially in tight or cluttered garage spaces. Garage parking assistants are helpful in these conditions since they let you know exactly when and where to stop to avoid running into something. These aids come in many shapes and sizes, so read on for our handy guide to find out which one is best for your garage.

  • Best Overall
    Ekarro Flashing Led Light Parking Stop Sign
    Large, flexible "stop" signs that won't damage or mark your vehicle if you happen to park just a little further into your garage than you should.
    Easy to see with the stop sign design and the bright red LED lights you can set to flash. Good for night and day use. Easy to position and set up before use. It comes in a two-pack.
    The automatic functionality of the flashing lights is questionable at times. The lights can fail to activate when getting too close to the sign itself.
  • Best Value
    PAUTO-P Double Garage Parking Aid-Parking Ball Guide System
    A unique pair of garage parking aids that are sure to get noticed when parking in your garage, even at night.
    It comes in several different designs, including a blinking face and a tennis ball. Easy to hang from the ceiling of most garages without the use of specialized tools, other than a common drill and ladder.
    Some extra string may be required for extra-high garage ceilings. Some of the parking aid designs can be difficult to see in poorly lit garages at night.
  • Honorable Mention
    GoodChief Universal Garage Laser Line Parking Assist
    A unique type of garage parking assistant that offers guiding lines inside the vehicle itself.
    Lines are projected into the interior of the vehicle so you can see exactly where the car lines up in relation to the garage itself. Different patterns are available.
    No tactile response like a basic hanging tennis ball. Set up can be more difficult since the guiding lasers need to be properly positioned.

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  • Think about where the parking garage assistant should make contact with a vehicle if parked too far into the garage. Some touch the bumper, while others connect with the front windshield.
  • Buy multiple parking assistants (or a pack) if you have a multi-car garage.


Q. Why do I need a garage parking aid?

A. It can be difficult to find the proper place to stop in a garage. Parking aids simply tell you to know when to stop without running into something.

Q. Can't I just use a hanging tennis ball to stop my vehicle?

A. While this is a good DIY option for parking aid, some proper aids are more visible or easier to set up.

Q. Are any sensors involved?

A. Generally, no. Basic garage parking aids are just visual indicators that mark the spot where you should stop before hitting something.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick, the Ekarro Flashing Led Light Parking Stop Sign, has the competition beat in terms of convenient setup and good visibility.

For a more traditional garage parking assistant, we like the PAUTO-P Double Garage Parking Aid-Parking Ball Guide System.

Have you tried a garage parking aid? Let us know about it in the comments below.