Best Trailer Dollies: Move Your Cargo with Ease

Move your trailer with ease with one of these trailer dollies

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PUBLISHED ON November 7, 2019

If you have a trailer, then you know what a pain it can be to move it around. What if you could roll it where you need it without having to hook it up to your truck? A trailer dolly makes this possible. Using a set of wheels and leverage, a dolly takes the weight and pressure off of you. We’ve selected three dollies that stand up to the demand.

  • Best Overall
    Tow Tuff Heavy-Duty Trailer Dolly

    This three-wheel dolly is easy to move and offers both adjustability and versatility. It has two 16-inch tires and one 10-inch swivel caster. The ball adjusts from 21 to 33 inches in height.


    The unique three-wheel design takes the weight and pressure off the user while providing better maneuverability. 


    You must stay on a flat surface while moving your trailer with this dolly. It could also tip forward if the trailer has weight in it.

  • Best Value
    MaxxHaul Trailer Dolly

    This lower-capacity dolly can move up to 600 pounds on its 12-inch pneumatic tires. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel that has been powder-coated for durability. 


    The dolly is easy to assemble and is maintenance-free. The long handle and cushioned grip make it comfortable to use. 


    There may be issues with quality control and defective parts. It also may struggle to work effectively at max capacity.

  • Honorable Mention
    Tow Tuff Adjustable Trailer Dolly

    This durable dolly is built from a solid steel frame to give it an 800-pound capacity.  It has two 12-inch flat-free tires and one eight-inch caster. You can adjust the ball height from 16.5 to 25.5 inches. 


    This dolly has a large 30-inch wheelbase to give it increased stability. Also, the 40-inch handle increases leverage.


    Some users have found the tires go flat and require replacement from the manufacturer. It struggles to perform at peak standards when close to max capacity. 

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  • You need to know what the maximum weight that you plan to lift is. Add together the weight of your trailer and the weight of anything on/in the trailer. 
  • Pad the maximum weight of your dolly. You do not want to get close to maxing out the weight capacity of the dolly. This will help your dolly perform better.
  • Look for a dolly that lets you adjust the height of the ball for the hitch. This will make it easier to use on different trailers, ground levels, and inclines.


Q: Should I buy a manual or motorized trailer dolly? 

A: A manual trailer dolly is an affordable option that requires less maintenance. If your trailer is lower-weight and manageable with a manual dolly, then it’s a smarter way to go. 

Q: Does a trailer dolly’s handle length matter?

A: The longer the handle is, the greater the leverage and the easier it’ll be for you to move your trailer. Make sure that the handle length is proportionate to the amount of weight you intend to move. Also, look for a handle that has a comfortable grip. It should be solid rubber and well-fitted to prevent slippage.

Q: Which tires are the best for a trailer dolly?

A: You have three options when it comes to tires: pneumatic, flat-free, and caster. Dollies with a third caster wheel make manoeuvring in tight spaces significantly easier. Pneumatic tires are similar to bike tires with two layers. These tires are easily replaced as many local hardware stores carry them. Flat-free tires use a solid rubber or have expanding foam inside them. They can still go flat when overloaded. Make sure the manufacturer offers a good replacement warranty. 

Final Thoughts

With a steel construction and third caster wheel, the Tow Tuff Heavy-Duty Trailer Dolly reduces pressure on your back and is a great value for the money. For those on a tighter budget, the MaxxHaul Trailer Dolly works well for moving smaller and lighter-weight trailers.