Best Garage Shelvings: Space-Saving Units That Reduce Clutter

The best garage shelving will turn your cluttered garage into an organized haven

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As modern homes become smaller and smaller, space has become even more important in garages. Garage shelving systems are no longer an option; they are a necessity. If left unattended, a garage can quickly get messy. Good garage organization increases the lifespan of your tools, frees up space, and provides a safe and conducive environment for working on a project. The following garage storage review includes some practical storage options to make your life less cluttered.

  • Best Overall
    Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier 16-Bin Rack Storage System
    A commercial-grade storage rack with storage bins and casters for better sorting and mobility.
    Comes with 16 storage bins of varying sizes for different tool categories. Has heavy-duty casters with two stoppers for easy mobility and securing in place. NSF/ANSI Standard 2 Certification makes it safe for home and commercial use.
    The shelving unit is difficult to assemble, and the shelf spacing is predetermined. Also, moving it while it’s loaded may decrease its durability
  • Best Value
    AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit
    Versatile and adjustable, this steel wire rack has excellent load capacity and is easy to assemble.
    It can carry up to 1,500 pounds when stationary and features a sturdy steel structure and a sleek black finish. You don’t need tools to assemble it. It also has adjustable shelves.
    Items could easily fall from the sides as there is no barrier, and wheels can easily break.
  • Honorable Mention
    FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 2 x 6ft 24-inch-by-72-inch Wall Shelf
    The shelves are made from cold-rolled steel and have a buckle design for enhanced stability. Thick 7mm screws keep them secured to walls.
    These heavy-duty floating shelves can hold heavy items and require only one person for installation. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.
    The shelves are not deep, and their mounting brackets don’t hold a lot of weight.

Benefits of Garage Shelving

  • Better organization. Garage shelving is ideal for storing your tools in one place. It keeps the clutter to a minimum. The best garage shelving accommodates both bulky tools and smaller ones. If you’re using the garage to store things you currently don’t use, shelves are a great way to keep it tidy.
  • Enhanced safety. The garage can be a hazardous place if tools are strewn about haphazardly. The best garage shelving units are highly stable for increased safety and hold tools solidly in place. Having well-built garage shelves means you don’t have to worry about accidents.
  • Longer tool lifespan. Anything you keep in the garage is susceptible to damage. However, you can greatly reduce the probability of damage by storing items in a proper storage rack. If you run a business that requires the use of tools, you prolong their durability if you properly store them. This saves you money in the long run.
  • Easy accessibility. There are different garage storage options, and you can store items according to their importance. Each shelf can have a specific purpose. With the best garage shelving system, you can quickly access anything in your garage at any given time.
  • Clutter control. Clutter limits usable space. Garage shelving is the best weapon for fighting clutter. You can put away tools, memorabilia, or anything you are not using. Overall, shelving frees up storage space you can use for other purposes.

Types of Garage Shelving

Wire and Metal Shelves

Wire shelves are a solid pick if you want a storage option that allows you to hang some of your equipment. Wire shelves are also a good choice if you want a lightweight storage option you can move around. They are also more affordable than steel shelves. Conversely, if you want heavy-duty shelving, opt for metal, which can hold heavier items. 

Wood Shelves

Wood shelves can be very cost-effective and are typically made of oak, maple, plywood, or chipboard. Hardwoods are more expensive but are much stronger than other types of wood. For example, pine can warp under heavy loads and is more susceptible to breaking. Wood shelving is ideal for lighter tools and equipment.

Overhead Shelves

Overhead shelves can either be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. They are very useful if you are short on space. Most of these shelves are sturdy and can carry heavy loads. They’re also a great choice if you have kids and want to store things out of their reach.

A black and white image showing garage shelving with a variety of tools.

Put an end to clutter with garage shelving, which offers functionality and convenience.

Top Brands

Seville Classics

Seville Classics was founded 40 years ago in Torrance, Calif. To date, it has upheld its founding mission⁠, which is to provide effective solutions for home organization and storage. Its catalog contains a myriad of innovative products, ranging from work tables to large garage shelves.


In the heart of Livermore, Calif., is Fleximounts. The company is well known for its range of heavy-duty mounts and garage storage systems. The Fleximount garage racks are some of the products you will find in the company’s expansive collection. One of its best innovations is the overhead storage rack, which is designed specifically for garage use.

Garage Shelving Pricing

  • Below $50: You can find some garage shelving in this price range, but it has some limitations. Some of the best garage shelving systems at this price point feature three-tier racks and can carry up to 200 pounds on each tier as long as it’s distributed evenly.
  • $50-$100: This is where you will find sturdy yet affordable wire racks. These are storage systems you can use in any room in the house. Their use extends beyond the garage, and they also provide storage for pantries and attics. Options here include four-tier and five-tier wire racks with or without casters.
  •  $100-$200: Most homes have garage storage systems in this price range. The category is wide, ranging from static garage shelving options to overhead ceiling shelves. When you buy a unit in this price range you may have money to spare for a few extras such as tool organizers and pegboards.
  •  $300+: These garage shelving systems are geared towards commercial outlets looking for top-shelf (pun unintended) garage shelves. While you don’t need to spend that much for the best garage shelves, you have more options to choose from in this price range. You can expect to fork out more for extra features such as bigger sizes and enhanced durability. Units in this category can accommodate loads of up to 1,000 pounds. 

Key Features


Garage shelves come in a wide range of sizes. The size you get depends on both your immediate needs or future intentions. If you have a small setup, you can opt for small two-by-four-foot garage shelves that carry items weighing as much as 300 pounds. There are also smaller compact options for small items.


Your ideal garage shelf may make your garage look tidy, but it is crucial to ensure that the material will stand the load and test of time. Some of the best garage storage shelves are made from industry-grade steel so they are solid and last for many years.

Other Considerations

  • Mobility: If you work in a high-traffic environment that calls for moving tools around, get garage shelving with casters. The wheels allow you to move the shelving without having to unload anything. However, it is important to note that casters will affect load capacity. Still, they do save you some of the efforts you’d use to carry items every time you want to move them.
  • Adjustability: Adjustable shelves give you the freedom to store items of varying sizes. But adjustability must go hand in hand with ease of assembly, as you may need to dismantle the unit and put it back together every now and then. Fortunately, some shelves have easy-to-follow instructions. You can also look for extra features such as complementary hooks and collapsible shelves.   

Best Garage Shelving: Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Garage Shelving Overall: Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier 16-Bin Rack Storage System

Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier 16-Bin Rack Storage System

Storage is a constant pain point in many homes and businesses, yet it needn't be. Enter a great storage solution such as the Seville Classics seven-tier commercial storage unit. The system comes with slide-out racks that you can use to compartmentalize your tools.  

The system’s seven tiers require minimal effort to assemble and disassemble. The structure feels solid, and its zinc finish gives it a look that works well in both home and commercial garages. The wire shelving unit also rests on casters for easy movement. The Seville Classics shelving system comes with 16 slide-out bins ranging from large to small. 

To avoid compromising its stability, we would advise that you limit movement while it’s loaded. We also don’t recommend it for commercial use as its shelves can’t hold very heavy items. Its total weight capacity on casters is 500 pounds.

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Best Garage Shelving Value: AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit

AmazonBasics 5-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit

This wire rack easily tops the list of practical yet cheap garage storage shelves. Don’t let its price fool you; it delivers on its value-for-your-money promise. You can load a whopping 1,500 pounds on it when using the leveling feet. It also has well-rounded edges for minimal snags and tears.

This five-shelf storage rack is made of durable heavy-duty steel, so it can fit in any setting. Its four adjustable leveling feet can be interchanged with casters. You can adjust the shelves, an inch at a time, using the plastic sleeves. 

One of its biggest drawbacks, however, is its edges, which have no barriers. This might make it unsuitable for things such as spillable liquids. There may also be an issue with the wheels because they can easily break and spill all your tools on the floor.

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Best Garage Shelving Honorable Mention: FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 2 x 6ft 24-inch-by-72-inch Wall Shelf

FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 2 x 6ft 24-inch-by-72-inch Wall Shelf

The Fleximounts 2 x 6 foot wall shelves are a terrific choice for homes, offices, and even dorm rooms. They embody durability and sturdy workmanship. The heavy-duty wall mounted garage shelving is made of heavy gauge steel and comes with 7mm screws for extra-secure mounting. 

In addition to the buckle design and Velcro fastening, the bubble level helps keep the shelves straight during installation. Once mounted on a garage wall, you can load up to 200 pounds on each shelf with even distribution—even on concrete walls.

The major drawback of these shelves is that they lack depth, so they can’t hold many items. Also, there’s no way to align them to create one long shelf. The manufacturer provides very few supports, so you’ll have to place each shelf on two supports. 

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  • It is important that you try to evenly distribute the weight on the shelves to avoid overloading and imbalancing them.
  • For extra support, place the shelving system as close to the wall as possible or use mounting devices to secure them to the wall.
  • You can always get totes and liners if you don’t want items falling through the small openings on certain types of shelving units. 


Q: Do wall-mounted shelves have an advantage over conventional wire rack shelves?

A: Yes. Wall-mounted shelves can free up floor space in any room they are installed in.

Q: Do I need special equipment to install heavy-duty shelves for garages?

A: No, in most cases you do not need any special equipment for installation.

Q: Can I get pre-assembled shelves?

A: It depends on the manufacturer. Some shelves come preassembled, while others have easy-to-assemble parts and comprehensive manuals for easy installation.  

Final Thoughts 

Our pick for the best garage shelving is the Seville Classics 7-tier shelving system. It’s a great organizer if you are particular about how you store your small and medium-sized tools.

If you have a limited budget but would like a dependable and affordable garage storage system, the AmazonBasics 5-tier unit will do just fine.

We’d love to get your take on your favorite garage storage solutions. Tell us what you think in the comments below.