Best LED Garage Lights: Best Picks for Better Illumination

The best ways to keep your garage well-lit for indoor projects

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PUBLISHED ON October 9, 2019

Properly lighting a garage can be difficult but necessary if you want to get garage projects done right. While most garage door lights offer basic illumination, a dedicated LED garage light is a better choice since most options come with multiple lights and adjustable casings. They come in all shapes and sizes, so we've created this handy guide to help you pick which one is the best choice for your needs.

  • Best Overall
    JMTGNSEP LED Garage Lights
    A bright LED array with three individual, adjustable lights you can position around the garage.
    Each individual light can be angled up or down to illuminate different parts of a garage. Includes a motion-sensing option for automatic on and off operation.
    Black plastic parts can bend and buckle while adjusting the individual lights.
  • Best Value
    RundA LED Garage Lights
    A large LED garage light that is made up of three adjustable panels that can be positioned up and down.
    Uses lightweight materials like aluminum and plastic that resist heat and deformation while the lights are on.
    The lights may require a converter if you are upgrading from an E17 light bulb.
  • Honorable Mention
    ZJOJO LED Garage Lights
    One of the better garages LED work lights that cast a horizontal pattern instead of a vertical shape.
    The combination of the three individual LED lights produces a great deal of illumination, much more than the typical garage light.
    The color appears on the cooler blue side that can wash out the garage.

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  • Pay attention to the installation instructions, particularly the wiring section, to get the light set up correctly.
  • Professional installation is always a smart idea if you don't have much experience installing electrical devices like lights.
  • Try to choose an LED light that is somewhere in the middle of the warm and cold spectrum. Natural-looking lights are better on the eyes. 


Q. How much lighting do I need in a garage?

A. This depends on the size of the space. We recommend around 140 lumens per square foot.

Q. Why should I go with an LED light?

A. These lights are more energy-efficient and don't run as hot as typical fluorescent lights. 

Q. What's wrong with the built-in garage door light?

A. These tend to be underpowered for the light you need while working on projects inside of a garage.

Final Thoughts

We like the JMTGNSEP LED Garage Lights as a great lighting setup for almost any garage.

If you need to save an extra few bucks, consider the RundA LED Garage Lights instead.