Best Gas Cans: Safe and Secure Fuel Storage Options

Find the right gas can for storing fuel safely at home or on the road.

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BY Lisa Conant / LAST UPDATED ON May 13, 2021

While certainly not the most glamorous piece of equipment you’ll ever buy, a high-quality and safe-pouring gas can is an integral part of your garage, tool shed, or workshop. Many people keep gas cans on-hand in their garage or vehicle in case of emergencies, or for storing spare gas for lawn equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. 


For those with small children or pets at home, it’s important to get a gas can that promotes safety and won't easily spill accidentally. Quality construction is a key factor in choosing the best gas can. And nowadays, when it comes to pouring and operating the can’s spout, it’s definitely not one-size-fits-all. There are many different configurations of gas can spouts on the market. 


If you are looking for a new gas can, check out our top product recommendations and our informative buying guide to help you make a confident and informed choice.

Best Overall
No-Spill 1450 Poly Gas Can

 This is one of the more user-friendly spill-proof gas cans on the market. It combines durability with functionality and an economical price point.

  • This gas can has an easy-to-use push-button safety spout
  • Features an integrated 20 mesh steel screen to help prevent accidental ignition
  • Hard to visually gauge how much fuel is in the can due to its dark color
  • Might be considered a little pricey for some users
Best Overall
No-Spill 1450 Poly Gas Can
Best Value
Quick-Flow Spout Midwest Can 2310 Auto Shut Off Gasoline Can

Our best value pick features a great design at an even better price, the perfect option if you’re looking to save some cash.

  • This compact and lightweight can is great for smaller jobs and is made from durable, high-density polyethylene
  • Has vapor barrier technology and a Flame Shield Safety System
  • Safety measures on the spout make it a little hard to operate
Best Value
Quick-Flow Spout Midwest Can 2310 Auto Shut Off Gasoline Can
Honorable Mention
Eagle Metal Safety Can

A Type I safety can, this Eagle container is among the safest to use for storing, transporting, and dispensing flammable liquids. A great pick if you’re frequently working with gasoline.

  • Galvanized steel container; powder-coated finish resists scratches, chipping, and fading
  • Features an integrated flame arrestor; resealable spout, and is FM approved
  • Not suitable for diesel fuel, as galvanized containers and this type of chemical don’t mix
Honorable Mention
Eagle Metal Safety Can

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Benefits of a Gas Can

  • Store extra gas. If you have a gasoline-powered generator in your home or shop, you’ll likely want to store extra gas to fill it up in case you need it. Quality gas cans help you achieve that goal.
  • Transport fuel. A car running out of gas is annoying. With the use of a gas can, you can transport fuel to the affected vehicle, quickly, safely, and easily.
  • Avoid noxious fumes. Properly sealed gas cans prevent harmful fumes from escaping the container. That’s an important safety feature that protects your health and safety.
  • Fill up equipment. Lots of construction equipment requires gasoline to function. Gas can make fueling up that equipment a breeze.

Types of Gas Cans


Metal fuel containers are typically more expensive than the plastic variation, with some reaching twice the price. These gasoline cans are best if you’re planning to store the fuel for longer periods of time without losing structural integrity. They can, however, begin to rust under certain conditions. In case of fire, a metal container can explode, potentially causing injury. That being said, overall, metal cans can hold more fuel than plastic ones and offer more durability but are heavier and bulkier as a trade off.


Plastic gas cans are cheaper, lighter, and less bulky than metal ones, but this user friendliness comes at a price. They absorb fuel and chemicals when kept filled over long periods of time, weakening the structure of the can. In case of fire, plastic cans will melt, but won’t explode. If kept properly, this type of gas can is a great option.

Top Brands


Based in Lenexa, Kan., No-Spill makes a wide variety of gas containers to suit all types of needs. All products come with a three-year warranty and feature a wide and stable design and a leak-proof cap. Its most popular products include the 2.5-gallon Poly Gas Can.

Midwest Can

For more than 70 years, Midwest Can has been designing and making quality products. Based in Franklin Park, Illinois, all of its products are manufactured in the Midwest and meet the highest safety standards in the industry. Among its best sellers is the 5600-4PK Gas Can.

Eagle Manufacturing

Around for more than 60 years, Eagle knows a thing or two about manufacturing high-quality gas cans. Its “safety cans” meet and exceed OSHA and NFPA requirements, are FM approved and are listed with UL and ULC. Its galvanized 5 gallon steel model is a consumer favorite.

Gas Can Pricing

  • Under $20: At this price point, you’ll find a small variety of good-quality budget models, as well as a smattering of not-so-good ones. The latter are best avoided, as they won’t meet safety standards.
  • $20-$35: In the mid-range, you’ll find a wide selection of gas cans to meet your needs. Most will meet safety standards and industry guidelines, but it’s still important to watch out for seals and certificates.
  • $35 and up: If you’re looking for metal instead of plastic, this is the price range you’ll find it in. Bigger sizes, more durability, and higher quality round out the typical feature set. If you’re going to be storing gas for longer periods of time, we suggest investing.

Key Features

Fuel Capacity

Consider how much fuel you want the gas can to store. Will a small gas can do the trick or do you require something a little bigger? A larger fuel tank is a more cost-effective solution, but keep in mind that a filled-up fuel can get exponentially heavier the bigger it is.

Equipment Type

Ask yourself what the main purpose of the gas can will be. Do you need it to fill up a generator, or are you fueling lawn equipment? This will affect the type of nozzle you need, as well as determine the best size and type of your chosen container.

Safety Features

Gas cans must meet a whole list of requirements to be considered legal and safe for use. These regulations are made by the EPA and the DOT to protect consumers, so it’s important to watch out that the container you select meets these requirements. Your best bet is to only purchase an approved container that’s listed by a nationally recognized testing lab, such as UL.

Other Considerations

  • Material. Here, it’s important to consider that metal and plastic containers both have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important difference is in their durability. Metal cans are much more durable, but also much heavier. Plastic models have the advantage of being lighter and more portable, but at the cost of being less durable overall.
  • Quality. Watch out for the quality of the manufacturing. If the product you’re buying is tested by UL or a similar testing lab, chances are, the quality is good. It’s still important to check that the seams are well-constructed, the nozzle and cap are high quality, and that the overall container is designed for easy handling.
  • Cap. Some models come with a child-safe screw cap that is extra strong and durable, preventing children from opening gas canisters. It’s a good idea to get a model with this feature if you’re storing the fuel at home.

Best Gas Cans Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
No-Spill 1450 Poly Gas Can

One of the most annoying things about using a gas can is spilling valuable (and smelly) fuel all over the place. This, however, happens few and far in between with the No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can. This, of course, is one of the more user-friendly spill-proof gas cans on the market. It combines durability with functionality and an economical price point, which makes it our top overall pick for the best gas can. 

This model features a thumb button control that allows precise and mess-free pouring. It also comes with a 7/8-inch funnel spout that easily fills even the smallest equipment receptacles. The integrated 20 mesh stainless steel screen ensures that your fuel tanks stay clean and free of debris, and helps prevent accidental ignition of fuel. There’s also a dust cover to keep the spout clean.

This can, while not the most expensive one on the market, might be a bit pricey for some people. Be sure not to overfill the can with fuel. Its dark red color can make it difficult to gauge how full the can actually is. This gas can is also CARB- and EPA-compliant.

Best Value
Quick-Flow Spout Midwest Can

For the best bang for your buck, we went with the Quick-Flow Spout Midwest Can, which offers a safe and reliable gas can at a very competitive price point. It’s a super compact and lightweight option that holds up to 2 gallons and 8 ounces of fuel, perfect for smaller jobs when you don’t want to lug big, heavy gas cans around. This convenient gas can is constructed from durable, high-density polyethylene and features vapor barrier technology built right into the walls of the container. It meets or exceeds all EPA requirements.

This gas can also comes equipped with a Flame Shield Safety System that includes the vapor locking Quick-Flow spout, but also a special internal flame mitigation device to provide a double layer of protection from accidental fire. One thing that users do seem to note is that because of the added safety measures within the spout, it can take some getting used to before you’re able to easily operate it, so don’t get frustrated if it takes a few tries.

Premium Pick
Eagle Metal Safety Can

A Type I safety can, the Eagle gas container can be used to store, transport, and dispense flammable liquids safely. It comes with a useful funnel to facilitate filling and pouring, further upping the safety factor by decreasing the potential for spills. It’s made from galvanized steel, which is resistant to rust, dents, and certain chemicals, while the powder-coated finish resists scratches, chipping, and fading, making this one a durable option.

Another useful safety feature is the flame arrestor that helps prevent liquids inside the can from igniting. The spout cap seals itself to prevent leaks or spills, and the cap assembly opens automatically to vent internal vapors. This can is also FM-approved and complies with a number of safety standards, including OSHA. That makes it a great option for both home or business use.

The one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not suitable for diesel fuel. If you need a container to store and transport diesel, we recommend choosing a plastic option, as this will work better with the fuel. Other than that, this is a solid choice that comes with a number of nifty safety features to protect you from injury.

Best for Faster Flow
GarageBOSS Press 'N Pour 2+ Gallon Gas Can

If you’re not interested in fighting with your gas can in order to dispense fuel, you’ll love the straightforward and easy-to-use GarageBOSS Press ‘N Pour Gas Can. This model is also a little smaller than some others on our list, so it’s even lighter and easier to use. All you need to do is simply press the button to allow fuel to flow quickly and cleanly out of the can.

This can also comes with a translucent spout extension that lets you be precise and minimize the risk of spilling. We also appreciate the ergonomic design of the spout grip and the well-placed indentation on the bottom of the can that helps ensure comfortable pouring. It's also CARB- and EPA-approved, like most others on our list. Be sure to keep this can out of reach of children, since it is easier to pour than some others.

Best For Bigger Jobs
Scepter Flo n' Go Duramax 14-Gallon Pump

For bigger fuel requirements, check out the Scepter Flo n' Go Duramax 14-Gallon Pump. This large gas can holds up to 14 gallons of fuel and comes equipped with an ergonomically designed, rugged top handle and heavy-duty resin and rubber wheels for easy and effortless transportation. It’s perfect for use around your farm, job site, dock, mechanic shop, and more.

The gas can itself is constructed from durable high-density polypropylene that is corrosion-, dent-, and impact-resistant. It features specially designed molded-in feet that keep the tank off the floor or ground for increased ventilation and improved stability. A long 10-foot hose includes two shut-off valves for easy disconnecting and safe filling and refilling. 

One thing that could be improved upon is ease of use — it's rather difficult to get all of the fuel out of the bottom of the tank. Since the hose doesn’t reach all the way to the bottom, you have to tip the tank up and pour the remaining fuel out of the filling spout at the top.

Honorable Mention
Scepter 2 Gallon SmartControl Gas Can

The Scepter 2 Gallon SmartControl Gas Can gets a shout-out for being another safe and rugged gas can that’s guaranteed to keep curious children safe on the outside and keep your fuel secure inside. This can is also reasonably priced. It features a controllable flow rate that allows fuel to be dispensed at a rate of up to 3 gallons per minute, or as slow as you want to guarantee neat and precise pouring. 

This can is equipped with a flame mitigation device for added security. The integrated air vent allows for fast flow and safe venting of any built-up fumes prior to pouring. This can is EPA-, CARB-, and child safety-compliant in accordance with all federal emission and safety standards. 

One thing to note: This fuel can takes some practice to master. Getting the spout to open properly can be very frustrating for new or first-time users.

Honorable Mention
Zimtown 5 Gal 20L Jerry Can

We like the slim, space-saving design of the Zimtown 5 Gal 20L Jerry Can. Tall and slender, it can fit into tight storage spaces that other 5-gallon gas cans don’t. The slim design is also easier to carry than bulkier 5-gallon fuel cans. It’s constructed from high-quality cold-rolled steel with a rugged powder coat finish that is rust- and corrosion-resistant. 

This gas can also features a high quality, built in pipeline that allows for fast and easy pouring and good static dissipation to prevent accidental ignition. Additionally, it contains a locking pin that secures the spout to prevent leaks. 

It is definitely easier to use than some of the safety spout cans, but the tradeoff is that it’s not as safe to keep around children. Be sure to keep this where it can’t be reached by curious kids or accidentally tip over. It’s also completely opaque, making it very hard to gauge how much fuel is left in the can at any given time. 


  • If you’re filling up gas containers at the gas station, make sure you remove them from your car before refilling.
  • Always place containers on the ground, keeping a safe distance from your vehicle to prevent damage or injuries.
  • Static electricity can cause gasoline to ignite, so it’s important to touch the container with the gas dispenser nozzle before removing the container lid.
  • While filling the gas can, keep the nozzle in contact with the container to prevent a buildup of static charge.


Q: Is it safe to drive with a gas can in the car?

It’s really not safe to carry a gas can in your car, even if it’s empty. Keeping a gas can in your car can cause you to be exposed to toxic fumes and is a potential fire hazard. If you do need to carry a gas can in your vehicle, it’s best to keep it stored somewhere outside the vehicle, like in the bed of your truck, or tied to your roof rack.

Q: Where can I best store my gas container?

The best place to store gas cans is in a well-ventilated room, shed, or storage cabinet that protects the can from being exposed to harsh weather and corrosive elements. It’s also a good idea to store your gas cans away from your house in an outbuilding or a shed if possible, to reduce the risk of an accidental fire destroying your home.

Q: Will a gas can explode when exposed to the sun?

Direct exposure to sunlight will not usually cause your gas cans to explode. However, if you use plastic gas cans, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight will cause the gas can to wear out faster than if it was tucked away safe from harsh weather and environmental elements. 

Q: How do I clean my gas can?

To clean the interior of your gas can, set the can in a large tub outside or on a flat concrete surface. Be sure it’s fully emptied of all fuel. Add a few drops of dish detergent, then fill the can partly with warm water. Put the cap on and shake the can vigorously to thoroughly spread the soapy water around the inside of the can. Pour the soapy water out and flush it with fresh water until all the detergent is gone. 

Q: What features should I look for in a gas can?

If you have kids around, it’s imperative to look for a gas can with a safety spout that won’t allow for any accidental opening or spilling of the can. Venting caps, rotating spouts, and translucent spouts are also nice features to look for in a high-quality gas can.

Final Thoughts

With its spill-proof design and easy-to-operate, push-button safety spout, it’s easy to see why we chose the No-Spill 1450 Poly Gas Can as our top pick overall. It combines durability with functionality and an economical price point.

For a reliable and economical gas can that won’t hurt your wallet, check out the Midwest Model 5600 Spill Proof Gas Can. It’s a CARB- and EPA-certified, rugged, and compact gas can that’s perfect for smaller jobs.