The Best Gas Can Spouts (Review & Buying Guide) in 2021

Improve your fuel container in one simple step with these fan-favorite gas can spouts.

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BY Corrina Murdoch / LAST UPDATED ON March 20, 2021

Fuel transfer can be a tricky thing. No one likes the scent of gasoline stuck to their clothes after filling the generator. Or the unpleasantry of wasting fuel through the crack in the container. From spills and splashes to the risk of broken seals and cracks in the container, it all comes down to the quality of the spout. The importance of choosing a reliable spout is about more than convenience, it’s a matter of safety. This inflammable material needs to be stored, transported, and transferred carefully.


A good spout can ensure the even flow of the fuel from place to place, stopping spills and preserving fuel. To get these benefits, you need to seek out the best gas can spouts on the market. So, to assist, we’ve listed the top selections along with some tips and tricks on finding the right option for you.

Best Overall
Kool Products Gas Can Spout

With a flexible design and lengthy reach, this set of three spouts and caps makes it easy to replace your fuel transfer setup.


Made out of dense HDPE plastic

Fits onto a standard 5-gallon gas can

Comes with backup spouts and hardware.


Caps are all the same size, restricting compatibility

Limited parts of the spout are rigid, reducing its utility

Best Overall
Kool Products Gas Can Spout
Best Value
EZ-Pour Replacement Spout

This affordably-priced gas can spout is made in America and has an eight-inch spout extension for hard-to-reach tanks.


Constructed of extra-dense material

Fast flow

Moves smoothly at any angle


Vent is made of thin material

Temperature sensitive

May wear out sooner than other brands

Best Value
EZ-Pour Replacement Spout
Honorable Mention
A+ Gas Can Spout Kit

Coming in a set of three spouts, this selection includes all the hardware needed to overhaul your gas can

It comes with caps, vents, and stoppers.


Made out of sturdy and durable material

Compatible with most standard gas cans. Bends to optimize your reach.


Caps are vulnerable to impact damage

Requires the user to place the lid carefully when installing the spout

Honorable Mention
A+ Gas Can Spout Kit
using gas can spouts to manually fuel the car

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Benefits of Gas Can Spout

  • Prevents spills when pouring fuel. A good gas can spout is designed to limit spills when you empty the can. Spouts are thick enough to provide for a quick flow while the vent at the back prevents pressure from accruing. 
  • Helps pour entire container contents. Longer spouts are good at reach, and by bending them, you can get the necessary angle to empty the container without spilling. This lets you use all the fuel you’re holding without risking splashes on your pants or surroundings. 
  • Good for the environment. By preventing leaks and spills, you limit the waste of gasoline. Whether through fumes or sloshes, putting gas in the air or soil isn’t great for the ecosystem. A good gas spout helps you reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Prevents evaporation. The fumes of gasoline are both flammable and toxic when they reach a certain concentration. By sealing tightly and remaining tough against cracks and punctures, a quality spout can keep you and those around you safe. 
  • Durable and highly compatible. Spouts are generally compatible with five-gallon containers. They are meant to last over long periods; so, when you find a good one, you can hold onto it for quite a while. 

Types of Gas Can Spouts


The most common type of gas can spout is designed with a flexible shaft. These spouts come in a variety of material densities. You can get flexible spouts that are wide and thinner models that encourage a slower flow. The flexibility lets you reach further and enables you to pour the gas while holding the fuel can at a variety of different angles. 


While not extremely prevalent on the market, rigid gas can spouts are designed to give you a quick flow of gasoline. The thick polymer is usually fairly wide, though the reach of the rigid shaft varies. In most cases, rigid-type gas can spouts incorporate a bend. This is to let you pour out the last of the gasoline without risking spills. 

Top Brands

Super Spout

With roots in Ayrshire, Scotland, this company focuses on creating high-quality spouts that are made specifically to prevent spills. Selling products internationally, Super Spout products are meant to work on fuel containers of all sizes. Among its leading offerings is the Super Spout Universal Gas Can Spout


This popular brand has retail store locations throughout the Eastern United States. It is focused on providing a wide range of hardware including fuel containers, spouts, and attachment components. Meant to be compatible with most major brands, one of its most sought after products is the Ez-Pour Replacement Gas Can Spout

Gas Can Spout Pricing

  • Under $20: Spouts in this price range are usually flexible, though you can find rigid options as well. Most sets include vents and caps, though likely come as a single instead of a set. 
  • $20 and up: Within this price range, you will find sets of spouts that usually come in threes. Generally, they include all the hardware you need for capping and ventilation. 

Key Features

Main Shaft

Perhaps the most essential part of the gas can spout is the shaft itself. This long tube is constructed out of polymer material for its inert properties. Either flexible or rigid in design, the spout is the part through which the gas flows. High-quality spouts balance polymer density with a wide opening to improve flow speed. The shaft should be resistant to abrasion and not crack or puncture easily. 

Gas Cap

Another critical part of the fuel can spout is the gas cap. This is the part that connects the spout to the actual gas can. While most spouts fit into any cap, this is the component that needs to be compatible with the size of the gas can’s opening. It should create a tight seal, both on the spout and the can. This is a matter of the shape and the threading on the cap itself. 

Spout Lid

This component is necessary to fuel storage. It attaches to the shaft and features a long filament of plastic that connects the lid to the spout to prevent it from getting lost. When you’ve finished pouring out the fuel, the stopper is the part that prevents evaporation. A necessary feature to safety and air quality (as well as fuel waste, the spout lid should be durable and fit well. 


The final feature of any spout set is the vent. Though many gas cans already have one, most spouts come with a vent. You attach this to the opening at the back (or make a new one). It prevents pressure from building up and ensures that you get a smooth and even flow when you pour out the fuel. 

Other Considerations

  • Compatibility: When you go to choose your gas can spout replacement, determine if the cap needs changing. This is common when the gas can and spout both cracks. If it does, you’ll need something with proper width and threading design. Be sure that the spout will fit with the opening on your gas can. 
  • Material Density: The next thing to look at is the thickness of the polymer used in the construction of the spout. Since plastic is inert, it is the go-to material. However, the density varies. Something denser will be harder and thus more resistant to temperature and impact. 
  • Type: You’ll want to consider whether a rigid or flexible spout will work better for your needs. Chances are, you’ve used the gas can before and know what angle you’ll be pouring from. With this information, you can decide what style of spout works better for you. 
  • Color Coding: Some spout sets come with caps that vary in color. It’s useful to get these if you plan to replace the spouts on multiple containers. Instead of risking pouring diesel when you need gasoline, you can color-code the cans. It helps when you use different fuels and solutions ranging from injector cleaner to plain old water. 

Best Gas Can Spouts Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall
Kool Products Gas Can Spout

If your goal is to keep your existing container in play, while just upgrading the pouring component, the Kool Products Gas Can Spout can offer a lot of benefits. It comes in a set of three spouts, each including all the hardware you need to get the spout in place. Everything from the stopper to the gasket is made out of tough material that’s resistant to the elements. The stoppers work to cap the spout and the gas can alike. As for the spout itself, at over eight inches long, it gives a lot of reach. Plus, since the set comes with vents, it results in a smooth and even pour every time. It is thick enough to be reinforced against cracks and punctures and wide enough to let the fluid smoothly move. Given its quality design and comprehensive supply of parts, this is a great choice overall. 

Keep in mind that, while the spout is of high quality, it won’t be compatible with all gas can spouts. Check the dimensions of the opening on your can before making your pick.

Best Value
EZ-Pour Replacement Spout

Looking for something that is going to last? Especially if you are in an area that is prone to extreme temperatures, you want a sturdy option like the EZ-Pour Replacement Spout. While polymer is a pretty hardy material, you want something that’s made with an extra-dense material; something that won’t go brittle and crack in the cold. This single spout is designed to ensure a fast flow, letting you spend less time in the cold and more time using the fuel. With a reach of 8 inches, you won’t have to struggle to pour. Since it moves smoothly at any angle, you can get the last drop of fuel without spilling. 

It warrants a mention that, while the actual spout is tough, the vent is made out of a much thinner material. As a result, it will be most sensitive to temperature and wear out sooner than the rest. 

Best Reach
A+ Gas Can Spout Kit

The A+ Gas Can Spout is a popular selection for those who like to plan, especially since it comes with three separate spouts. Each identical spout consists of high-grade polyethylene material. This plastic is tough against damage and it isn’t vulnerable to heat or cold. The spouts each come with a cap attachment and a stopper for the top. By including vents, you can rely on the spout to let the fluid flow freely, without incurring excessive pressure during the pour. Those concerned with the quality of their fuel will also appreciate the steel filtration component that rids the gas of damaging particulate. With quality construction and high utility value, this trio of spouts deserves a shout out on this list. 

It’s worth noting that, though the set includes three spouts, they are all the same size. Be sure to check the compatibility beforehand so that you can avoid issues with the fit.

Most Versatile
Super Spout Replacement Kit

Chances are if you’re familiar with the need for gas can spout, you have use for them in several places. The versatile Super Spout Replacement kit lets you store a spout everywhere from your garage to the worksite to the backyard shed. It includes three spouts, each designed to be compatible with the traditional five-gallon gas can. The spout is meant to take the place of other spill-prevention models. Meant to be universally compatible, this spout is manufactured as a one-size replacement for any standard gas can. It seals tightly in place and incorporates a vent to prevent pressure during pours. Durable and reliable, this is a good kit for those who aren’t sure what spout to pick that will match the gas can in use. 

Keep in mind that, while it is probable that you will get a good fit, it may not fit less common gas can models. However, if you're using a standard 5-gallon model, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Honorable Mention
VSTM Gas Can Spout Kit

Seeking out a set that is going to withstand whatever you throw at it? Consider the VSTM Gas Can Spout Kit for durability and strong construction. It is made out of ABS plastic, a high-grade polymer that is crafted specifically to hold up against wear and tear. The nozzle comes complete with an attached stopper which is also made out of sturdy plastic. Even the vents are designed to hold up to impact and strain. Plus, since each of the spouts is completely flexible, you can reach even the trickiest spots. Because it won’t wear out due to abrasion, it’s a good choice for workplace use. 

The set comes with two caps, though they both fit onto the same size of can. While it lets you use one for diesel and the other for gasoline, the cans need to be of the same size to get that benefit.

Honorable Mention
Orandesigne Gas Can Spout

The Orandesigne Gas Can Spout touts a classic design that makes replacing your existing cap a complete breeze. It comes with three spouts, each of the same length. The caps all come with attachments to fit onto your gas can. It’s really helpful if you have a reliable fuel storage solution, though the pouring part has worn down over time. Since it comes with a vent, you get the option to either swap it out with a new one or to keep the one already in use. The final component of the spout kit is the stopper and attachment. It encircles the top of the spout where a thin filament of plastic leads to the lid for the spout. It prevents drips and ensures that you don’t have to deal with evaporation. 

Keep in mind that the set may come with three spouts and caps, but all of them are the same color. As a result, there is no way to color-code your fuel type. Resultantly, the spout set works best as a long-term replacement solution instead of a way to overhaul all your fuel cans at once.

Honorable Mention
EZ-Pour Rigid Replacement Spout and Vent

Featuring a sleek design and rigid structure, the EZ-Pour Ridgid Replacement Spout and Vent is great for those who like to stick to the basics. If you’ve grown fond of your fuel can and just want a simple way to swap out the spout, this is a good way to go. It comes with a base cap to attach to the opening. Incorporating reliable threads, it creates a hardy seal on the can, thus preventing spills and leaks. The black spout is rigid, with a single obtuse angle directing the spout to properly pour out all fuel (without splashes or spills). It is large enough to provide for a quick flow and tough enough to last over the long term.

Despite the strength of the polymer, the rigid structure makes it a bit less resistant to impact. If it’s hit by a heavy force, instead of bending, the structure is likely to break. However, so long as you store it properly, the value of the quick flow outweighs the risk of damage.

Honorable Mention
EC Depot Universal Spout

Those who are looking to up their off-grid game while sticking to a set budget ought to check out the EC Depot Universal Spout. While the design is simple and straightforward, all the parts are durable and it performs well. The end cap incorporates well-crafted threads that ensure a tight seal. Its universal design stems from the set including two caps. These account for the opening of the most popular gas cans on the market (meaning a fit is pretty much a sure thing). The set comes with a vent for an even pour and the spout’s tip has a cap for protecting its surroundings from dripping fuel. Affordable and well-made, this spout is a great value pick.

Bear in mind that, if you change the spout often and move it between gas cans, the attachment will wear down due to the added stress. With its low price, though, it’s still worth the investment.


  • Check the compatibility beforehand if you plan to replace the cap as well as the spout. 
  • If you can, switch out both the cap and the spout to optimize the seal.
  • Be sure that, if your gas can doesn't have one already, that you get a spout with a vent.
  • If you change contents, be sure to clean out the container, spout, and anything else that came in contact with the material like your oil tray.  
  • Should your spout incur damage, throw it away and replace it with a good model.
  • Close the stopper at the end of the spout every time you are finished using it.
  • Store your gas can in a safe place, away from potential impact. 
  • Keep your gas can out of the sun since it can impact the fuel as well as the spout quality.
  • Seal the cap in place when the container is clean and dry to ensure a tight seal. 
  • Gasoline fumes are both toxic and flammable in high concentrations to ensure that the seal is in good tact every time. 


Q. Is it safe to drive with a gas can in the car?

It’s not generally viewed as safe to drive with a gas can in the vehicle. This is because any small leak in either the spout or the gas can result in fumes building up in the vehicle. Since this is a fire risk once it reaches a certain concentration, it is safer to avoid driving with a filled-up gas can. 

Q. Are gas can spouts universal?

While the spout is almost always universally compatible, the cap that attaches it to the gas can and completes the seal is not. If you can reuse your existing cap, the spout will easily fall into place. However, if your cap has taken on damage, you will need to check the fit of the spout and the hardware included in the set. 

Q. Where can I best store my gas container?

The best place to store your gas container is in a cool, dark environment given its flammable nature. Find a space where it won’t encounter impact and that’s out of the way from your other tools, since you don’t want your catalytic converter bumping into your gas can. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what to look for in a top-tier gas can spout, you can find the best gas can spouts for your needs. It could be the Kool Products Gas Can Spout or the value of the EC Depot Universal Spout. There’s an option for everyone. 

Do you have some gas can experience? Share your story in the comments below. Happy pouring!