Best Car Paint Chip Repair Kits: Filling the Void Made Easy 

Correct pesky paint chips with our easy-to-use paint chip repair kit top picks

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BY Linsay Thomas , Rebecca Henderson / LAST UPDATED ON June 24, 2019

Scratches in your vehicle’s paint can be heartache enough for some car owners, but it’s even more painful to see the paint chipping off in huge chunks. Rather than spending a fortune on repainting your vehicle, check out paint chip repair kits. Affordable and nearly self-explanatory, the best car paint chip repair kits take years off your vehicle’s exterior to make it look new.

Best Overall
Langka Paint Chip Repair Kit
Complete with applicator tips, a microfiber towel, a paint-smoothing card, pre-paint solution, paint sealant, and the blob eliminator, this paint chip repair kit is a great starter pack.
With the Langka paint chip repair system, you don’t have to worry about precision when it comes to filling in paint chips. The blob eliminator is a beginner’s best friend.
This package includes everything you need to address paint chips, except for the touch-up paint specific to your vehicle.
Best Overall
Langka Paint Chip Repair Kit
Best Value
MagicEzy Auto Scratch Repairezy
An easy-to-apply repair kit that lets you mix and match the colors to achieve a more accurate look of your vehicle’s paint body. 
It fills chip and scratch marks in seconds and dries evenly without leaving a mess. Can be used on multiple surfaces including doors and plastic bumpers. Can be adjusted to a dry matte or gloss finish.
The tubes aren’t labeled with a specific color. Mixing and matching the colors may be a bit hard on your first try.
Best Value
MagicEzy Auto Scratch Repairezy
Honorable Mention
Paint2Fix Automotive Touch-up Paint
Paint2Fix provides a 100 percent match guarantee for the colors they offer and with clearly-labeled products and straightforward instructions, paint chip repair is made simple.
Whether you need a little or a lot of touch-up paint, Paint2Fix offers three tiers of quantities to fit your individual needs.
Blending might take a bit of skill, and it’s unclear if the included wax and polish have any long-term sealing abilities.
Honorable Mention
Paint2Fix Automotive Touch-up Paint

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Benefits of Car Paint Chip Repair Kit

  • Improve your vehicle. You might think it takes a lot of money to make your car look like new again. Whether or not that’s true, you can still achieve a better-looking vehicle without having to spend a whole lot of money or time.
  • Seal your paint and prevent rusting. Automotive manufacturers apply clear coats so that the paint underneath maintains itself in even the harshest conditions. If there is a breach in the clear coat, rust can easily creep in and begin to eat away at the metal beneath your vehicle’s paint.
  • Improve the paint’s appearance before applying a clear bra. If you want to have a somewhat uniform paint job beneath the clear bra, paint chip repair kits can easily achieve the effect you desire. A clear bra is the best way to prevent rock chips and front-end damage.  
  • Cheap alternative to a new paint job. Maintaining your vehicle’s paint can be a difficult task, and having to repaint it every few years can get expensive fast. Rather than spending thousands on a paint job after a few defects appear, invest in paint chip repair kits.

Types of Car Paint Chip Repair Kit

Touch-Up Paint: Brush Tip

You are probably most familiar with this type of chip repair solution. Many people order their vehicle’s specific paint color from the dealership, and it comes in the form of a brush tip applicator, similar to nail polish. Brush tips are great for applying touch-up paint to larger chips but can often take a skilled hand to correct smaller chips such as in the case of road rash. Road rash simply describes the multiple small chips that can occur on front bumpers, fenders, and hoods where pebbles have worn away at the paint over time.

Touch-Up Paint: Pen Tip

More common than brush tips, pen tip touch-up paint applicators are much easier to use. A bit like a Sharpie pen, they direct flow of the touch-up paint to a precise point, which addresses the biggest challenge faced by inexperienced car owners who buy a brush tip applicator. However, pen tip applicators take longer to fill in larger paint chips. Whereas brush tip touch-up paint can last a while if properly sealed, pen tip applicators dry up much more quickly.  


Car paint chip repair kits combine the entire process into one package. Simply applying the touch-up paint to a paint chip isn’t enough. The paint then has to be sealed and blended into the surrounding paint for maximum results. Car paint chip repair kits will include not only the paint itself but typically applicator tips, a sealant of some kind, and an agent to remove excess paint during the blending process. You should be able to address a paint chip from start to finish with a complete paint chip repair kit. 

Top Brands


This Washington-based company was founded in 1996 and specializes in paint chip and scratch repair. If you are looking for a simple solution to paint chips, check out its Blob Eliminator package, which includes touch-up paint specific to your vehicle type.


Based out of Delaware, this relatively new company serves quite an array of brands when it comes to providing exact-match touch-up paint. Its Touch-up Paint Kit made for Taffeta White Honda Civics could be a great alternative to repainting your entire car. 

Car Paint Chip Repair Kit Pricing

  • Under $10: Though you probably won’t be able to find any paint chip repair kits for this low price, you will be able to buy applicator tips in quantity. There are paint chip-specific applicator tips out there, but you can also pick up a box of a couple of hundred cotton swabs just as easily.
  • $12-$20: If you prefer to use a touch-up paint pen to fill in your paint chips, you should be able to find your vehicle’s specific color for just around $20. For this price, you’ll likely only get the touch-up paint itself, but a clear coat pen from your vehicle’s manufacturer shouldn’t be much more.
  • $30-$70: Most of the automotive paint chip repair kits you’ll find will cost you around $50. More common brands such as Honda and Toyota will be priced around $40, while imports such as BMW will hover nearer the $65 mark. Quality and number of products within the kit vary according to price.  

Key Features

Easy To Use

When you really break it down, repairing paint chips is about filling in holes in your paint and then sealing over it to prevent further damage and rusting. The best paint chip repair kits should make the process easy to understand, without the need for experience in automotive paint. Paint chip repair kits that are easy to use will make the individual steps easily identifiable and not over-complicated.  

Clear Instructions

Having a step-by-step process to follow preferably with pictures will ease many of your worries if you have never repaired paint chips before. Manufacturers should provide clear instructions to make the repair process easy to follow. It should almost feel like an expert is looking over your shoulder, coaching you on the best techniques without being too overbearing.

Environmentally Friendly

Paint booths require ventilation because of the toxic chemicals necessary to painting or repainting a vehicle. Repairing paint chips, however, shouldn’t mean you need to suit up. The most that are necessary for paint chip repair is an open area with air flow and some chemical-resistant gloves. Since you are acting as the agent when it comes to applying the paint, there’s no need for harsh chemicals or drastic personal safety measures. 

Other Considerations

  • Close (Enough) Match: Depending on the age of your vehicle and a variety of other factors, the paint will weather differently and may vary from panel to panel. Cars that have been in the direct sunlight will fade sooner than those kept covered. Matching the brand-new paint within the paint chips to the weathered paint around it could prove tricky.
  • The extent of Paint Damage: A few paint chips here and there should be pretty easy to address in the span of an afternoon, but if your vehicle’s entire hood and the bumper is pitted to the point where it looks sand-blasted, paint chip repair kits may not be the best use of your time and funds. You will probably have to repaint the panel completely, live with the damage, or come up with another solution altogether.  
  • Unique Paint Jobs: Repairing paint chips on a vehicle with a custom paint job gets complicated. Depending on what type of paint is used and how well you know the original painter, you may or may not be able to buy a container of touch-up paint. This is something to consider both before and after having your vehicle custom painted. 

Best Car Paint Chip Repair Kit Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Best Overall
Langka Paint Chip Repair Kit

Filling in paint chips can seem like a daunting task if you have never attempted it before. There’s the pressure of making sure you only get paint in the chip itself, along with the intensity of having only so much time to repair the chip properly. Langka removes all those barriers to really make paint chip repair an easy process, no matter how much painting experience you have.

From start to finish, Langka provides the tools you need to prepare the paint chip, fill it in, and then seal it from further damage. Included applicator tips help you apply paint to the smallest of paint chips, while the microfiber cloth easily removes any excess paint you might have as you go along. The blob eliminator solution smooths out any spots where you may have applied too much paint. Finally, the sealant ensures the work you just accomplished lasts for the remainder of the vehicle’s lifetime.

The only drawback about this kit that we could find is that the specific touch-up paint required for your vehicle isn’t included. However, that’s easily remedied by visiting your local dealership and ordering a brush tip supply of touch-up paint. If you order a pen tip type, it will make the application process much more difficult. Langka makes it easy for anyone to use their product, no matter your skill level.  

Best Value
MagicEzy Auto Scratch Repairezy

This scratch and chip repair kit is designed for cars with a unique color, where you have to blend a few colors to get a precise match for your vehicle. MagicEzy offers a drip-free kit that comes with two tubes, which either come in black, white, silver, gray metallic, white pearl metallic, or black metallic. One end of the tube has a nozzle that can be directly applied to the damage and the other end is spatula-like to help level the gel. 

The gels fill up cracks, scratches, and gouges to leave a smooth, glossy finish, which you can buff out to get a dry matte look. It dries up in seconds without runs or blobs, and you can expect the touch-up to last for at least three years. The product is also safe to use on most parts of your vehicle including the roof, doors, hood, side mirror, and bumpers. 

However, it can prove to be a bit challenging to mix and match the colors if you are a first-time user. You may end up wasting a lot of the gel in the process. Also, you won’t find the specific color labeled on the tube. You’d have to squeeze out a little bit of the product to know what you are working with.

Honorable Mention
Paint2Fix Automotive Touch-up Paint

Paint2Fix offers a potent blend of products and quality when it comes to its Automotive Touch-Up Paint kits. Each kit is designed specifically for the individual colors per manufacturer and Paint2Fix promises a 100 percent match guarantee for each of those shades. As long as you select the correct make and model, you’ll have everything you need to complete your paint chip repairs in one package.

That’s not the only reason we chose this kit from Paint2Fix. Beyond the reassurance of knowing the paint you order will match, you are also presented with a straightforward and self-explanatory kit, laid out in such a way as to visually represent the individual steps. For example, you have got your touch-up paint, wax, polish, and applicator tips. If you find yourself staring down quite a number of paint chips, you can order the corresponding Paint2Fix kit in larger quantities.

As much as this kit is easy to use straight out of the box, we were unsure whether it includes a sealing product or not. Sealing your paint chip repairs is just as important as applying the clear coat was original, so we’d suggest investing in a sealant product if you don’t want to rely on just the included wax/polish. At the same time, Paint2Fix really makes it easy for almost anyone to repair the paint chips on their vehicle. 

Honorable Mention
Turtle Wax Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit

This kit includes a 0.3-ounce scratch repair pen and three polishing pads to smooth blemishes and remove scratches, scrapes, and chips. The product works on all paint colors. The pen dispels a quick-drying clear coat to fill in scratches, while a clarifying compound and the polishing pads restore the paint.

The instructions are clear and very easy to follow. It's also a great value because the rubbing compound alone is only a few dollars cheaper in the store. Overall it works really well, and when you use the polishing compound it leaves your car with a nice shine. To get the best results, you need to take your time and check your work along the way. 

One downside is it's difficult to only buff the scratch without taping a large section off, and the tape is not included in the package. Also, you may notice the scratches are a different glean than the rest of your vehicle. In addition, the kit works better on light scratches and is not as effective on larger ones.

Honorable Mention
Color N Drive for Toyota Automotive Touch Up Paint

This kit is designed for Toyota models, and you can find your paint code in several places on your vehicle, including the engine bay area, by the front strut tower, or under the trunk floor mat. The package includes 100 milliliters of paint, 100 milliliters of German-patented cleaning solution, 25 milliliters of carnauba-based wax, and 25 milliliters of paste. It comes in a variety of colors, including various shades of gray, silver, beige, and green.

The process is fairly easy, and the color perfectly matches your car. There's a very large variety of color choices that 100 percent match the OEM finish. It's a three-step advanced touch-up kit that produces professional results, and it includes a solution that removes extra paint and corrects application mistakes.

The biggest drawback with this paint kit is that it's designed only for Toyota vehicles. It also works best on smaller scratches as opposed to bigger blemishes. In addition, it can also take a little practice and patience for the kit to be truly effective.

Honorable Mention
Mazda MAZDA3 Color and Paint Touch Up

Mazda's color and paint chip repair system promises a 100 percent color match with your vehicle model. Each order is designed to match the color/paint code based on your particular vehicle. The kit makes chips and scratches disappear and also protects those areas from rust and corrosion.

The product is easy to use, takes very little time to apply, and produces professional results. You also have a choice between three different packages: Basic Care, Plus Care, and Pro Care. All three include touch-up paint, cleaning solution, carnauba-based polish, and G3 liquid paste and application materials.

One problem with this kit is it's designed for Mazda vehicles, so if you have a different type of vehicle, the paint may not match correctly. The kit is also a little pricey, particularly the Pro Care option. Also, the only difference between the three packages is the amount of paint, polish, and paste included.


  • As you fill in the paint chips on your vehicle, make sure you have adequate lighting. This will help you not only to make sure you are filling in the chips completely but also allow you to address all of the paint chips in one go, rather than seeing a few pops up after you are already finished.
  • To understand the difference between brush tip, pen tip, and applicator tip styles, draw a crude circle on a piece of paper to mimic a paint chip. Now borrow some nail polish and attempt to fill the circle in completely. Do the same with your pen tip and applicator tip, using nail polish or another solution for the applicator tip.
  • Preparing the paint chip is crucial to the final look. The best way to prepare your paint chips is to use a microfiber rag and isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will remove any oils sitting on the surface of the paint, effectively drying out any moisture that would prevent the touch-up paint from adhering completely to the surface.
  • Use car paint chip repair kits on painted surfaces only. For repairing damage to your wheels, seek out a specifically designed wheel repair kit that matches the wheels on your vehicle. Though they must be equally durable, car paints differ greatly from wheel paints.
  • If you have never applied touch-up paint before, pick a spot on your vehicle that is relatively unobtrusive. The undersides of the rear bumper and/or running boards are ideal. Perfect your technique in these areas before you tackle larger panels.
  • At some point, you may have to decide whether applying touch-up paint or having a uniform painted surface is more desirable. In terms of the lifetime of the paint itself, touch-up paint is more advantageous because it will protect the entire panel from rusting. However, an uninterrupted color scheme may be of higher priority.  
  • Before filling in scratches with touch-up paint, stop by your local detail shop or speak with the head detailer at your local dealership. Buffing may correct a lot of the scratches on your vehicle unless they are deep enough to require additional paint. Detail experts should be able to tell you which route is the best.
  • After you have applied touch-up paint, wait at least 30 days before waxing or buffing the exterior of your vehicle. The paint may look as if it is set up after a few hours but it needs time to adequately adhere to the surface beneath. 


Q: Do paint chip repair kits require sanding?

A: No. Most kits simply come with the materials necessary to fill in paint chips, rather than sand the paint itself. Paint scratch removal may require sanding in some cases, but you shouldn’t have to break out the sandpaper if you are just filling in paint chips.

Q: When do car paint chips require the attention of a body shop?

A: While paint chip repair kits can do a lot to fill in larger holes in your vehicle’s paint, they can’t do anything to repair damage to the metal underneath. Dents, dings, and any disfiguration of the sheet metal beneath your vehicle’s paint should be addressed first by a body shop before you even think of touch-up paint.

Q: Can I find paint chip repair kits at my local auto parts store?

A: Depending on where you are located and what’s available, you may be able to source paint chip repair kits locally. However, you are more likely to find both the correct paint and a better price online.

Q: Is it possible to achieve professional results with a paint chip repair kit, even if I have no experience?

A: Yes, it is! In fact, really all it takes is a bit of practice. As long as you are able to apply the touch-up paint and cover the chips, blending is the only hurdle left. And whether or not you are able to blend the paint completely, the panel will at least be sealed against rust.

Q: Can I use sandpaper to remove paint that's transferred onto my vehicle?

A: We don’t recommend you use sandpaper in this instance. In fact, it’s best to use a paint remover or lacquer thinner to remove the transfer paint first and then address the damage beneath afterward. Sometimes you may get lucky and find there’s no damage beneath at all.

Q: What other blemishes will paint chip repair kits fix?

A: Paint chip repair kits are designed to fill in holes in the paint, so anywhere this occurs, it can be applied. Paint chip repair kits can be used to fill in deeper scratches as well.

Q: Do I need to invest in any special tools for paint chip repair?

A: No, not necessarily. Most of the tools you’ll need are included within the paint chip repair kits, at least those we picked above. You can certainly purchase additional materials if you choose but they are not necessarily required.

Q: What are the advantages of buying OEM-specific touch-up paint versus spray paint? 

A: Spray paint does not necessarily look as finished as traditional automotive paint. The differences depend on which type of appearance you prefer as the owner of the vehicle. Spray paints are typically not protected against wear, while automotive paints are covered by a clear coat.  

Q: Should my car's paint scratches be addressed before applying touch-up paint?

A: If you are going to apply touch-up paint in a scratch, make sure it’s not something that can be addressed with a buffer instead. Deeper scratches require touch-up paint for complete correction but may require sanding as well depending on how deep they go.

Final Thoughts

We chose the Langka Paint Chip Repair Kit for its universal application and affordable pricing. Order your vehicle’s paint color and you are ready to repair those paint chips.

The MagicEzy Auto Scratch Repairezy won our value pick for the variety of products you receive to correct paint chips across your vehicle’s surface.