Best Wheel Paints for Aluminum: Bring Back the Shine

These are the top paints for restoring the shine of any aluminum wheel

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PUBLISHED ON November 21, 2019

Painting your wheels is one of the easiest ways to improve the overall look of your vehicle. Some paints are specially formulated for aluminum wheel surfaces and clean up the minor flaws that have gathered on the metal surface. In addition, they keep the surface of the wheel protected against future damage from the elements. Here are the three best wheel paints on the market.

  • Best Overall
    Dupli-Color Black High-Performance Wheel Paint

    The paint comes with a special formula that recovers the look of worn-out wheels. It can withstand harsh conditions without cracking. It also dries quickly.


    The paint delivers a glossy and metallic finish. It resists peeling and flaking. Since it’s resistant to chemicals and brake dust, it lasts long.


    The paint can be difficult to spray uniformly as it is thin. It also requires the application of a primer and a clear coat.

  • Best Value
    Rust-Oleum High-Performance Wheel Spray Paint

    This paint has been specially formulated to minimize corrosion and rust. It is suited for all metal wheels and plastic as well. The paint works well even without a primer.


    The paint spreads easily and provides good coverage. It is an oil-based formula that dries very fast. Any-angle spraying technology makes application easier.


    The durability of the paint is not the best. The finished surface has a slightly rough texture.

  • Honorable Mention VHT SP187 Gloss Black Wheel Paint Can - 11 oz.: Automotive

    This paint has a polyurethane base that offers a high level of protection. It can withstand high temperatures very well. It is easy to apply and provides an even coat.


    This versatile paint can be applied to brake calipers, drums, and rotors. The paint is equally effective on all metal alloy wheel surfaces. It protects effectively against abrasive materials like sand, brake dust, and salts.


    The surface finish produced is not consistent. The nozzle design makes application difficult, and it works best when used with a primer and clear coat.

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  • Clean the wheel surface to get rid of any dirt, grime, or grease before applying the paint. This allows the paint to effectively bond with the metal surface for a long-lasting effect.
  • Follow the instructions by the manufacturer, and apply the necessary number of coats. Paints have different thicknesses and drying times, so the application methods can differ depending on the brand.
  • Choose the right type of paint that suits your wheel’s material. Some paints are formulated specifically for steel wheels and may not be suitable for aluminum wheels.


Q: Do I need to remove the tires before painting the wheels?

A: This is the best option. Otherwise, you can use a tire gel or silicone gloss to prevent the paint from sticking to the tires. You can also stick paper or cardboard pieces between the wheel and the tire to prevent the paint from affecting the tire.

Q: What precautions do I need to take before painting my wheels?

A: Use a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from harmful chemicals. In addition, wear disposable gloves and a face mask so you don’t inhale any chemical vapors.

Q: How do I paint a wheel surface with scratches and crevices?

A: Spray an initial layer over the damaged areas, and then allow it to dry. Next, paint the entire wheel surface in a continuous motion.

Final Thoughts

For enhancing the look of your wheels, the Dupli-Color Black High Performance Wheel Paint is our top pick. It brings back the shine and also restores the surface.

For a pocket-friendly and corrosion-proof option, choose the Rust-Oleum High Performance Wheel Spray Paint.