Kawasaki Donates 5 Mule UTVs to Assist Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Kawasaki is also matching employee donations to nonprofits helping out with Harvey's destruction.

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The folks impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area will take all of the help they can get. Kawasaki is stepping in by donating 5 new Mule UTV side-by-sides in order to help out with the destruction that Harvey left in his path. The Kawasaki Mule family has been a staple of the UTV market for 30 years trusted by people who need to take the road less traveled.

A Mule is kind of like a tiny, off-road pickup truck which should prove useful for cleaning up and rebuilding areas impacted by the devastating hurricane. Kawasaki hasn’t specified which member of the Mule family is being selected for donation, but even the most basic models would be a huge help.

“The destruction caused from Hurricane Harvey was devastating and the team at Kawasaki is anxious to lend our support to all those impacted,” said Yoshi Tamura, Kawasaki President and CEO according to “We know our Kawasaki MULE vehicles will aid in assisting support teams, families, and our dealers in repairing their homes and businesses. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to everyone affected.”

Not only is Kawasaki generously donating useful equipment, but the company is matching U.S. employee donations between $30 and $500 made to non-profit organizations. With over 2,000 Kawasaki employees in dealers and manufacturers across the U.S., those donations should really add up.

While 5 quads might not sound like that big of a deal when talking about such a huge hurricane, they will make a world of difference to anyone these Mules can help out. The fact that the Mule is endorsed by Texas native retired pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin has to count for something, too.