That Off-Road Motorcycle Yamaha Is Hyping Is Actually a Quad

Two more wheels than we expected.

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A couple weeks ago, we showed you a teaser trailer from Yamaha hyping what we thought would be a new off-road adventure bike. Our fingers were crossed for a production version of the T7 Dakar bike concept unveiled in Milan last year—but now it looks like we got our hopes up too high. Or, at least in the wrong direction.

A new, slightly more revealing teaser from Yamaha shows us that the new off-road product that’s coming out isn’t a motorcycle at all. This vehicle has too many headlights and double the wheels we were hoping it would have. This thing is a quad.

It still barely shows anything at all, but it reveals enough to dash our hopes for a production T7. It has outdoor scenes, like the last teaser, but we get a glimpse of what is clearly some sort of quad. We also see four people having an outdoor adventure, implying it could have four seats. A quick look at the YouTube comments on the teaser show displeasure from enthusiasts who have been praying to the off-road gods for the T7 to make it to showrooms.

This teaser repeats an unveiling date of September 6 at 17:00 CET (Central European Time). It also tells us to use the hashtags #RealizeYourAdventure and #SxS which means “side-by-side.” A side-by-side is a descendant of the traditional ATV, but has car-like seats and controls. Think off-road golf cart.

This would be more exciting if Yamaha didn’t currently offer a side-by-side, but they make a ton of them. They have the utilitarian Viking line, the recreational Wolverine line, and the sporty YXZ models. What other niches of side-by-sides can possibly be filled?