Porsche Cars North America Shows Strong Sales Growth In February

Another strong month for PCNA sees them up 4.1 percent year-to-date over 2016

byBradley Brownell|
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Another month goes by in 2017, and another month of sales records for Porsche dealers in the US. With strong sports car sales improvements as the weather starts to think about warming up, combining even stronger Macan and Cayenne sales, Porsche is going gangbusters right now. Even with Panamera sales at about 10% of what they were last year as the new cars are just starting to filter in, the numbers are up both February-over-February and YTD sales. Things are strong for Porsche in the US right now, and look to be continuing to trend upward. 

718 Boxster and Cayman sales are down compared to the 981 model's final sales year in 2016, which is something of a surprise, given how good the new car is. Porsche's Cayenne continues to be strong, even with the Macan likely eating into its numbers, with only a slight dip this month over last year. The new 911 is selling strong, however, with 10.8% more 911s selling compared to last year. The car that continues to fill up Porsche's coffers, however, is the Macan. New GTS variants are stocked all over the country, and the entry-level base model is selling faster than Porsche can build them, accounting for most of Porsche's model sales growth. 

It seems likely that Panamera sales will balloon, especially with the announcement of the new Sport Turismo model, as dealer inventories begin to fill out. Boxster sales are likely flat with the cold and unpredictable winter weather we've seen. Even in Southern California, a big market for such a car, the rains were nearly unbearable in February. People don't want to buy sports cars when they can't drive sports cars. Look for bigger sales numbers still in March. Watch this space. 

Outside of brand new car sales, Porsche has also been selling a boatload of Certified Pre-Owned cars, moving 1430 units in February alone (13.2% more than February 2016) and 2726 units year to date (12.5% more than 2016).

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