Start Your Own Vintage Racing Team With This Pair Of Rothmans Porsche 944s

These Two Identically Prepared Porsche 944 Race Cars Could Be Yours

byBradley Brownell|
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It isn't often that an eBay listing is for two nearly-identical cars, but that appears to be the case with this duo of Rothmans-liveried Eighties icons. The 944 is near and dear to our hearts, having started our Porsche obsession with a 1983 model, combining near perfect weight balance with a torquey and eager big-displacement four-cylinder engine. The chance to get two race-proven chassis for one price seems like a good opportunity to us. Granted, the chance anyone is looking for a 944 race car is probably pretty slim, and the chance someone is looking for two 944 race cars is even slimmer. 

If you happen to have a hole in your garage or race shop that is shaped like a pair of 944s, this could be the listing for you, however, because these cars appear to be very well prepared for the asking price. The #92 car is a late dash 1988 car, while the #18 car is an earlier 1984-build car, meaning they'll have slightly different suspension and wheel offsets, but are said to be otherwise mechanically identical. Safety equipment is said to be up to spec, both engines (stroker 2.7-liter units) have been rebuilt recently, and the Rothmans livery was recently redone in paint, not a wrap. Most critically, however, is the fact that both cars have active logbooks in PCA, SCCA, and NASA competition, making this an easy proposition for anyone looking to start racing. 

The 944's relatively low power with progressive power delivery is great for someone new to racing, as it is unlikely the car will ever surprise you on track. The chassis on these cars is quite compliant and with a nearly perfect 50:50 weight balance, you'll have an easy time finding the limit even if you've never raced before. 

The bidding is currently at $24,100 with the reserve not met, but there is a buy-it-now price of $35,000. Hey, which part of this did you think would be cheap, the "Porsche" part or the "Racing" part? For more photos and information, check out the full eBay listing here

From the eBay listing: 

2 Fully Restored Porsche 944's

The 92 Car (1988) won the 944 Championship the 18 (1984) car has several podiums

SCCA, NASA PCA log books

These cars underwent a complete restoration, The paint is new, the blue, gold and red on the car is paint not a wrap. We perfectly duplicated the Rothmans livery. The cars have both been on the track one time since the paint work was completed. 

Both cars are identical and had a full mechanical restoration. Race prep was done by Gold Crest. 

Both Cars:

Newly rebuilt high performance 2.7 L motors (each rebuild cost $9,500)

Both Cars have 2 racing seats 

2 sets of rims and NEW Hoosier tires. The rims were all widened. 

Bilstein Coil Overs

Camber adjuster

New Paint

Wired fire system

rebuilt gear box

new brakes

new high performance bearings and bushings

high performance torsion bars

MoMo steering wheel 

Full SCCA welded in Roll Cage (professionally built)

We spared no expense on these cars. I am selling both of them because I have another racing opportunity that I could not pass up.  Over 30K invested in each of these cars! 

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