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Porsche Breaks Down The Facts Of The New 991 Carrera GTS Lineup

This Might Be The Most German Way To Advertise A New Sports Car

byBradley Brownell|
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Every Porsche owner knows that it was definitely a fact-based decision that drove them to purchase their car, certainly, no emotions were involved in the buying process. We are very rational in our decision to buy sports cars and approach the process much as we would purchasing a new washing machine. We want to know the facts of the situation before we buy a 911 Carrera GTS, leaving the fun-to-drive aspect to the side because fun is not a fact. We strictly adhere to the facts and only the facts, because we Porsche buyers are very logical, like Vulcans... Or Germans. 

All kidding aside, this is one of the most German videos we've ever seen on YouTube, featuring what is essentially a multi-faceted lecture declaring the merits of Porsche's newly updated 991.2 GTS lineup. This is a video that is perfectly straight-laced, perhaps to a fault. In point of fact, the video itself was originally produced in German and then given a series of American voiceovers. Then again, hell, the original YouTube featurette for the GTS line from a month or so ago is filled with as much dynamism and emotion you could ever desire.   

There is a bit of dramatic music overlaying the video, and some of those vintage 904 clips do get the heart to race a bit, but all told it's just perfectly Porsche DE. We do recommend you watch it, if only for the pure hilarity and absurdity of the thing.

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