How To Pronounce Porsche, From The People Who Would Know

In case you didn't know, Porsche is a two syllable word. 

YouTube / Porsche

Porsche has long been mispronounced, especially by silly Americans like us. In an effort to finally put a rest to the debate, Porsche themselves have released a video demonstrating the pronunciation of the company's name. Now, whenever anyone asks you, the answer is as simple as sending them a link. If you have a friend that still says "Porsh" or worse "Porch", you can now politely direct them to this fifteen second youtube video. For years I've been explaining to people that Porsche is pronounced very similar to the former name for Iran. That is to say "Persia", but with an 'o'. But you don't have to take my word for it, just check out the video below!