Christian Von Koenigsegg Talks Supercar 3G, and Apps

Soon, a car will adjust its settings for a racetrack using GPS and over-the-air updates.

Some supercar makers wouldn’t dream of letting their cars touch a race track without sending along a team of engineers with a diamond-encrusted set of tools. But what if a supercar could configure itself for a particular circuit via over-the-air updates. Sounds a bit easier, yeah?

That’s the future of connectivity Christian Von Koenigsegg envisions for his $2 million+ hypercars, like the new Regera. Right now, cars in the Koenigsegg lineup have some connectivity tech in common with, say, a Tesla Model S — like remote software upgrades and GPS locating — and other features unique to the Swedish company’s own telematics system, like racetrack stats, lap times and the like.

In this episode of /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG, CvK walks us through some of the remote connectivity features his customers can access.

Check it out.