The Final Stages Of Porsche Restoration Are The Most Fulfilling

Seeing this 964 go from bare metal to primer to paint and clearcoat makes all the hours of labor worth it.

byBradley Brownell| UPDATED Apr 1, 2019 11:21 PM
The Final Stages Of Porsche Restoration Are The Most Fulfilling

In recent months we've shared with you the teardown and complete restoration of the AMMO NYC Porsche 964, and this is the fourth and final installment in that series. We are absolutely in awe of the work that has been undertaken here, and the finished result is well worth watching this full video to see. Larry should be proud of the work that's gone into making his car the most perfect 964 possible, and if there is anyone who could possibly maintain such a shine, it would be him. Every step of this process is just so extra, above the call, that we have to wonder if these guys deserve a medal or to be certified. 

This stage of the process involves a lot of wrap up. When we last left the AMMO 964, it had just been coated in primer and was being block sanded in preparation for paint. From there, all of the seams were sealed, and the booth was prepared to accept the car. Three layers of a Bentley-sourced shade of black paint and a few layers of clear coat were applied, with a crazy amount of heating, cooling for energy efficiency benefits, more layers, and some sanding done to make the paint look perfect. It certainly makes for compelling video. Careful steps were taken to avoid dusting, and several paint techniques are discussed. Once paint was done, the car's interior was refitted (after some further painting and preparation), the roll bar was redone, and the glass went back in the car. The car was re-started for the first time in a while, including the re-start procedures properly documented. Perhaps the most interesting part, however, is the clear-bra installation. Watch the whole thing and tell us what part you liked most in the comments below. 

We have not washed our Porsche in over a year, so we're hardly in a position to judge. This complete monster of a project is far more than we would ever even think about undertaking, but we have to stand back and admire the commitment to the task. Now that it's over we might be inspired to take our 912E to the drive-thru wash for a full touchless treatment. Maybe.