Your 2004 Porsche Carrera GT Is Recalled, but I’m Here To Help

I can save you from the embarrassment of owning a flawed supercar.

byAaron Cole|
Porsche News photo

Nothing is perfect, and failure is always given. That's why I’m here for 2004-2005 Porsche Carrera GT owners who may be shocked, dismayed, and bewildered by their supercar’s recent recall for wishbone suspension components that could crack, rust, or break. The news of the flaw in those cars must be crushing to those owners, and I want them to know there’s help available.

Those owners would undoubtedly like to live in a world where their multimillion-dollar supercars are flawless pieces that roll out of the factory with fewer blemishes than the Mona Lisa and with similar earning potential. Not everyone can be perfect like these high-income Porsche owners, so I’m willing to take the flawed Porsche Carrera GT off their hands so they never have to look at it again. I don’t mind taking any color out there, and I’ll take all 489 examples in the U.S. that are subject to the recall. 

Porsche admits that the failure may be exacerbated by road salts used in winter, which typical Carrera GT owners probably see less often than a solar eclipse. The automaker said it discovered the fault when an owner brought in a Carrera GT for an unrelated issue, and the one-sided broken spherical joints were found. After investigating the issue, Porsche determined it was a systemic problem and issued the recall out of “an abundance of caution.”

I'm here to save Porsche Carrera GT owners from certain ridicule in supercar circles that their machine is imperfect. Out of a similar abundance of caution, owners are welcome to drop off their cars to me, and I’m similarly available to help frustrated owners of other makes and models to relieve them of the certain discomfort of knowing their multimillion-dollar machines are subject to pedestrian failures such as “suspension components.” I’m here for you, people.  

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