You Can Turn on VW’s Heated and Cooled Seats Simultaneously. Here’s Why

Have you noticed that you can turn on the heated seats and cooled seats at the same time? There’s a reason for that.

byAaron Cole|
Volkswagen News photo

Maybe some people just like chaos. Maybe some people just want the seat to fight it out. Maybe they’re both wrong. 

If you’ve been in a plush VW recently—or a few other European makes like Volvo or Audi—you may have noticed something strange: Heated seats and cooled seats, but at the same time. 

Yeah, if you have access to a newer VW with heated and cooled seats, go check it out. You can turn on both at the same time. Neat, huh? But I bet you’re wondering why like the rest of us. 

There’s an answer, and no it’s not a mistake or programming error. The seats are actually meant to be useful. 

“It gives you the best of both worlds: You may want to heat your back to relax your muscles or because you’re chilly, but you can also turn on the ventilation to keep the air circulating in case the heat raises the local humidity. It’s perfect if you’ve just done a workout, for instance,” EV Product Manager Jeffrey Lear told The Drive

Emphasis on “local humidity” there. Think “hyper-local humidity.”

Many European automakers have customers in mountainous regions who enjoy skiing. And, if you’re an avid skier (or snowboarder, like me) you know that even if it’s chilly outside you still have a need to wick away moisture without exposing yourself to hypothermia. Or, like Lear said, a long drive after a rigorous workout. 

So, no. VW isn’t embracing the chaos. It's really just hoping that you’re embracing convenience if you find yourself a little cold, a little damp, and a little in need of some help before you make it to your nearest shower to rinse off. 

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