What ‘Great Sounding’ Cars Do You Think Sound Genuinely Terrible?

The noises cars make are subjective just like their aesthetics.

Like black coffee, alcohol, or stinky cheese, many car-related noises, sounds, or smells are acquired tastes. Black coffee is a taste that apparently requires a lot of acquisition because like, really, literally any other way than black tastes better. No, really.

Back to cars and the sounds they make: I won’t name any names for the sake of discussion, but a lot of widely appreciated exhaust notes are supported by large groups of enthusiasts who necessarily will defend everything about a car. Again, I’m not pointing out fans of any one car in particular. I wouldn’t do that. But as a result, even something as pedestrian as a Honda Civic or a Ford Fusion might be lauded as having a sensationalsounding exhaust. No offense, Fusion enthusiasts.

Which brings me to the question I’d like to level with you, dear reader. What’s one particular vehicle you think gets praised a little too much for its exhaust note? I know “terrible” is in the headline but it doesn’t have to be that strong of a conviction. Just a car someone told you sounded great once and, on a listen, you decided they were wrong and completely dead to you.

For instance, a flat-plane crank V8 is probably good, but is it at its full potential in the new Z06 Corvette? Is the Dodge Viper’s odd-firing V10 just not cutting it for you? Some people think Bugatti’s W16 doesn’t sound like much of anything.

I won’t inject my own biases into the post itself here—I picked the lead image completely at random of course—but I will be in the comment section viciously defending those who share my opinions. On the flip side, I am prepared to use pointed language in disagreeing with those who have false opinions. I’m not gonna cyberbully anyone’s kids as a result of a friendly online disagreement, but actually, maybe I will. I retract that previous statement.

Sound off in the comments. Just don’t make bad sounds.