VW ID Buzz’s First Vanlife-Ready Camping Rig Is Here

The Ququq Bus Box 4 is fit for the ID Buzz, even if it’s not fit for the U.S.

byAaron Cole| PUBLISHED Oct 11, 2022 2:46 PM
VW ID Buzz’s First Vanlife-Ready Camping Rig Is Here

It didn’t take long for the Volkswagen ID Buzz to start looking toward #Vanlife. Now that the electric van is rolling around the streets of Europe, accessory maker Ququq has the first step to getting lost in the south of France, Almafi Coast, or wherever you want to take it. 

Called the Bus Box 4, the kit is similar to the other Bus Box accessories available for VW vans—except this one is for the Buzz. It offers sleeping accommodations for two people (hopefully not more), water storage, and a pull-out cooking range. 

Before you ask, the cooker is gas-powered even though the van isn’t. That’s because the van won’t allow access to the main batteries to power accessories at all. Yes, we see the irony in a gas-powered stovetop in an all-electric vehicle. 

The setup isn’t as lush as other aftermarket van conversions, but it is the ID Buzz's first. 

We got a close-up look at the Ququq Bus Box at our first drive of the ID Buzz in August in Copenhagen. VW doesn’t yet offer a factory-supported solution for campers, so this is as good as it gets for now. The Bus Box costs 2,790 Euros, and we’d offer a conversion to U.S. dollars but that’s largely unnecessary: the Bus Box 4 is built for the Euro-spec ID Buzz and the one coming to the States will be longer. 

Back to that factory-supported solution for campers: We’re not sure why VW hasn’t fully embraced adventure-seekers with their vans. Accessory power from the big lithium-ion battery is a no-brainer (and for now, a no-go), but so is a modular system that allows owners to plug and play their own accessories into the van’s back. 

As you can see, the rear seats aren’t easily removable, so options for sleeping or furniture are limited and there’s no pop-top. But there’s good reason to believe that VW’s newest van will be similar to their old van: ready for long hauls in national parks and sleepable.  

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