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Mark Truman Has One Week To Save Arc Vehicles

After an investor fails to deliver on their commitment, the founder of the high-tech electric motorcycle startup Arc Vehicles has one week to find an angel.

I first discovered the Arc Vector in a series of intriguing patent filings that showed a Jaguar Land Rover-backed startup’s vision of a high-end electric motorcycle paired with wild wearable tech. With a haptic-feedback jacket for blind spot warnings and a helmet with a heads-up display, Arc’s patents even suggested the possibility of modifying regenerative braking based on body position. Applying new technologies in ways that showed a real understanding of what can be improved in motorcycling, Arc’s Vector looked like a company that could do for electric motorcycles what Tesla did for electric cars.

I ended up talking with Arc’s founder Mark Truman on an episode of Merge Now, and was even more intrigued with the possibilities. Born in a Jaguar Land Rover incubator, Arc’s core technology had been designed with Land Rover-like electric ATVs in mind as much as Jaguar-like sportsbikes. It turned out that the patent filings that had caught my eye were just the tip of the iceberg, and Truman’s tech party tricks seemed to be steeped in Alex Roy’s “augmented driving” paradigm.

Of course, any startup in the vehicle business is a longshot and Arc was never an exception, especially given the eye-watering price point of its debut product. But Arc’s harsh welcome to the world of motorcycles came earlier than I had expected, and without even giving Truman the chance to make the near-infinite mistakes that have killed off countless vehicle businesses. After raising more than a million pounds through crowdsourcing and millions more from investors, a major investor has failed to deliver on their commitments, and Arc suddenly found itself in administration (bankruptcy). 

Now, with just one left to raise the money he needs to save Arc and get the Vector back on track toward production, Truman returns to MergeNow. He explains the situation Arc suddenly finds itself in, how it got there and how he’s trying to save his dream. He is looking for an investor who shares his passion to reshape the future of motorcycling, and invites interested parties to contact him at