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This Rolls-Royce Phantom 6×6 Will Bring Luxury to a Post-Apocalyptic World

Even rich people are going to need a way to survive the zombie takeover.

If you’ve ever wondered how the rich are going to navigate a post-apocalyptic world, just check out this crazy creation from French car builder Alexandre Danton. Underneath his French Chateau, Danton builds his wild creations, mostly 6×6 off-roaders made from ultra luxurious cars. His latest is a 2005 Rolls-Royce Phantom 6×6 and it’s about as insane as it sounds.

To build this wild 6×6 Phantom, Danton and his crew literally chopped the rear end off of the Phantom VII, just behind the rear doors. Then, they used an E65-generation BMW 7 Series (which shares the same basic chassis as the Phantom VII) to craft a new rear end, with two axles and four wheels. They elongated the Phantom’s trunk and filled it with off-roading gear, such as anti-skid plates incase it gets stuck and a jerry can. Danton also widened the Phantom’s track and fabricated custom aluminum fenders to fit the enormous 24-inch wheels and all-terrain tires.

Up front, the Max Max Phantom was given a push bar and yellow headlights and foglights, which match the roof-mounted yellow LED light bar, both nods to the yellow headlights of old French cars. It’s now illegal in France, as it is in most countries, to have yellow headlights on a car newer than 1993 but it still looks cool.

Danton had the interior customized as well. All of the Roller’s original leather was replaced with bright orange leather, the steering wheel airbag cover was reupholstered in crocodile leather, and the armrests were done in snakeskin.

Surprisingly, the engine was left unchanged. The 6.7-liter naturally aspirated V12 now makes the same 453 horsepower as it did back in 2005. The only mechanical difference made to the powertrain was its exhaust, which obviously had to be custom built, to match the added length of the car. Danton, not being one for subtlety, also added some gold flake to the engine cover. That same gold flake was also applied to the brake calipers.

In a video from Supercar Blondie, you actually get to see it move under its own power, even if it never goes faster than concept car-speed. I’m genuinely curious to see if it can actually off-road or if it was just built for show. Judging by its low ride height, massive wheels, and low-profile tires, I’m going to assume the latter but I’ll give Danton the benefit of the doubt and hope that it can actually travel off the beaten path a bit.

When society collapses and the zombies take over, this Rolls-Royce Phantom 6×6 is the sort of thing rich people will be driving around in. But it’s not the only one, as Danton has already built other 6×6 luxury cars and is planning on doing the same with a Lamborghini Urus. So if you’re in the one percent and are afraid of zombies, you know who to call.

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