The New Mercedes-Maybach EQS Electric SUV Won’t Bounce Anymore

Cool new Maybach and all, but does it even bounce?

byJerry Perez|
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The all-new 2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV represents a major shift in how the storied brand caters to its demanding buyers. It ditches the legendary V8s and V12s in favor of electric power, along with the idea that an ultra-luxury brand must have an executive sedan as its flagship vehicle. Another peculiar detail that's missing from the new Maybach, however, is the same one that made it super popular on social media: its ability to bounce.

A quick search for "Maybach bounce" returns a ton of results whether you search on Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. From celebrities to salespeople, everyone loves using the Mercedes-Maybach GLS600's trick suspension to have a bouncin' good time. And now, it's gone.

Specifically, what makes the gas-powered Maybach GLS capable of rapidly moving up and down like some sort of lowrider is a feature called E-Active Body Control. As the video above by the Straight Pipes explains, E-ABC is essentially a hydropneumatic suspension activated by a 48-volt system. While its primary feature is to improve ride quality and stabilize the body while driving, it features a cheeky Bounce Mode that could be used at up to 10 mph.

A Mercedes spokesperson confirmed to me that the new Maybach EQS SUV does not have E-Active Body Control available, and therefore that function is not possible. RIP: Joy.

Jerry Perez

Instead, it rides on a more traditional air suspension setup. It still offers adjustable damping as standard, which allows it to increase ground clearance by up to 1.4 inches when necessary. And while that's great and all, it certainly won't come even close to a good bouncin'.

Despite being discontinued from most other models, E-ABC is still offered in the GLS600 Maybach as standard and is a $6,500 option in the GLS580. So while the feature isn't completely dead yet, its availability is minimal and it's obvious that it won't be translating to the EQ electric models. At least for now. Sad times.

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