The Acura Integra Won’t Be the Brand’s Last Gas Car After All

Despite what you may have heard, the Integra won’t be Acura’s last ICE-powered car.

byNico DeMattia|
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Reports of the demise of new gasoline-powered Acura vehicles may have been just a tad premature. On Sunday, Automotive News reported that the 2023 Integra would be Acura's last gasoline-powered internal combustion car before the company shifts entirely to electric vehicles. Other automotive publications buzzed with similar reports. When asked for a comment Tuesday, Acura wasn't so sure about it all.

"The AutoNews article referenced is speculative, and not based on confirmed plans or statements. While we can’t comment on future product plans, the recently introduced 2023 Integra will not be the last new ICE vehicle from Acura. Acura will play a critical role in Honda’s transition to electrified vehicles. In fact, as we announced last fall, Acura will lead American Honda’s transition to electrification and digitalization. This begins with an all-new full electric Acura SUV coming in 2024," an Acura spokesperson told The Drive.

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Being based on the new Honda Civic Si, the 2023 Acura Integra is a sporty return to form for the brand that had veered more luxury in recent years, and the enthusiast response to the Integra has been mostly positive so far. That car is powered exclusively by a gasoline-powered engine and its best-selling SUVs may need an update before making the wholesale shift to EV only.

Clearly, Honda and Acura have plans for EVs in the U.S. but neither brand seem to be done with the internal combustion engine just yet. Acura hasn't released any plans for future EVs, outside of the aforementioned all-electric Acura SUV, so there's no way of telling when the brand might be done with ICE or what its roadmap for electrification looks like. But at least will know there's still a future, even if it's a small one, for piston-powered Acuras moving forward.

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