Long-Term Reliability: Acura Integra

Should anyone in their right mind shop for a 17 year old sports car that is often cheaped out by Fast And Furious wanna-bes? Well, ummm… we think so.

bySteven Lang| UPDATED Mar 12, 2017 12:21 PM
Long-Term Reliability: Acura Integra

The Acura Integra is still a beloved car for thousands of enthusiasts. If you go on Facebook, you'll see a neverending list of groups that are dedicated to making the Acura Integra a long-term keeper.

And that's the beauty of this car. When you buy an Integra, you're usually buying a premium Honda and an owner who invested in their sports car of choice.

We tabulated the results of 741 Acura Integras over the past three years, and we couldn't help but conclude these Integras have the right combination of automotive DNA and owner TLC devotion. 

So just because it's kinda old, don't knock the Integra off your sports car shopping list. There are plenty of other sports cars out there that are faster, quieter, and more opulent. But when it comes to fun in pleasant valley suburbia with a car that can put an ear-to-ear grin on your face by driving 7 to 10 (or 20) over the speed limit, the Integra, along with the Miata, are pretty much as good as it gets. 

Just do yourself one favor...

Don't get the automatic. 

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