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Smart: Man Lists Dodge Challenger on Marketplace Immediately After Crashing

The Facebook listing popped up after what looks like a rough spin on a wet highway.

Facebook isn’t typically a beacon of self-awareness on the internet, but sometimes, people do rise to the occasion. Like the owner of this 2014 Dodge Challenger, who posted his car for sale on Facebook Marketplace pretty much immediately after wrecking it on a wet highway. As Kenny Rogers once said, you’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.

The details are brief but to the point. Located about 20 miles west of Atlanta is a 10-year-old Challenger with 150,000 miles, no payments (you would hope so at that age), and a title that is ready to rock. The pictures, though, are what sell the ad. 

Isaiah Bowens / Facebook Marketplace

From the looks of things, the three images were taken immediately after the vehicle was involved in a crash. Maybe for insurance purposes? Either way, the ad went up yesterday, and the seller looking to sell post-haste. 

Other details, like who or what the Challenger came into contact with are unknown. But let’s be real, it’s not like there’s a shortage of evidence of people doing dumb things in Challengers (and Chargers) all over the internet. It’s probably second only to the Mustang in building a reputation for its crash-happy owners.

Isaiah Bowens / Facebook Marketplace

The first image is a front three-quarter view of the Challenger, and it’s spectacular, really. The vehicle clearly blocks both the shoulder and the adjacent lane. Behind it, the metal-beam highway guardrail appears damaged, and the grass beneath has been disturbed. There are no bodies or limbs scattered about, so we’re crossing our fingers that no one was seriously injured except for that grass.

A dark-colored small car that may or may not have a hood scoop is also parked farther back in the shoulder lane. Is this person involved in the crash, the cause of it, a friend picking up the now-stranded driver/photographer? An Uber Eats delivery? Choose your adventure.  

The Marketplace lister states, “Engine still intact. Selling as is!” He sounds more confident about the latter than the former. With the significant front-end damage, a few grains of salt need to be taken to think the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 is, in fact, intact. 

Isaiah Bowens / Facebook Marketplace

Also, when skipping over to image #3, what is that behind the vehicle’s left rear tire? Does it belong to the Challenger, to another vehicle, or is it pre-existing road rubbish? You also can’t ignore that the entire left-rear panel is punched in and mangled like a crunched-up piece of paper.

Had it been in excellent condition, the average trade-in value for the 2014 Challenger R/T would be about $10,000, according to Kelley Blue Book. In fair condition, meaning it requires some mechanical repairs, the value drops to $6,300. This Challenger will need more than “some” mechanical repairs, but KBB doesn’t provide values for vehicles in poor condition. Maybe three grand sounds about right?

If anyone in metro Atlanta can give this Challenger a peep, let us know. I’ve spent entirely way too much time scrutinizing this thing and now am curious about its post-crash life, if it’ll even have one. I looked into the seller’s other listings, wondering if he sold other cars and parts. Nope. But if you’re a sneakerhead, he has some used Air Jordans for sale.