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Buy This Truly Ridiculous Dodge Viper Stretch Limo for $160,000

People make stretch limos out of all sorts of stuff, like Mercedes G-Wagens and Hummers. This Dodge Viper limo is one we haven't seen before.
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This stretch limo 1996 Dodge Viper is the ultimate in questionable luxury vehicles. Even better, it could be yours for the eye-watering price of $160,000.

First spotted by Road & Track, the vehicle is based on a Dodge Viper RT/10, the first model year of the second-generation Viper. While it boasted several updates over the original model, it was still a raw, V10-powered roadster with a mighty 415 horsepower on tap. The car currently lives in Missouri, as per its Facebook Marketplace listing. The vehicle is finished in white with blue stripes, a classic Viper look.

It’s loooooooooooooooong. Facebook Marketplace

The build eschews many of the norms of limousine design. There are only two additional seats in the rear, for example. Much of the extended middle section appears to be empty, rather than being dedicated to bench seating or chilled champagne storage. It’s also a “topless vehicle,” according to the seller. Absolutely no protection from the elements should be expected.

Another nice inclusion is a removable trailer hitch at the rear. It was intended to allow the Limo-Viper (Viper-sine?) to tow floats for parades or other special occasions. The owner notes that as a very unique vehicle, this could help it serve well as an advertising tool for a business.

Regardless, it is a faithful rendition of the Viper in limousine form. The muscular body lines are still there, and the classic Viper roll hoop has been replicated well so that both front and rear passengers are protected. With that said, any crash energetic enough to roll this vehicle may be difficult to survive in any circumstance.

As for handling and performance, one must suspect both are dulled. With all the added weight, there’s no way this limo is going to achieve zero-to-60 mph in 4.2 seconds as per the original car. There’s also going to be plenty of body flex, and it’s just not going to carve apexes in quite the same way that a stock Viper would. However, the ad tells us that the car is 25 feet long and that it “drives great,” so that adds points in its favor.

A quick search online indicates there are plenty of Vipers to be had in Missouri for under $50,000. Thus, it’s hard to imagine paying $160,000 for a Viper that is worse than the original in so many ways. While there’s some novelty in the limo conversion, it’s hard to imagine it paying off as a rental, given there are only two back seats and absolutely no roof.

However, if your life goals include being that person in your local neighborhood? Maybe this car is for you.

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