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Someone Is Selling a Collection of Dodge Li’l Red Express Trucks for $60,000

Not one, not two, not three...

Anyone interested in old-school American sheet metal knows—or at least, should know—about the Dodge Li’l Red Express. It was a hot-rod truck offered from the factory with a 360-cubic-inch V8 and twin exhaust stacks that stood up straight behind the cab. Oh, and don’t forget the period-correct wood paneling on the tailgate. Just over 7,000 were made between 1978 and 1979, and somehow, four of them ended up in the middle of Missouri. 

The quartet of muscle trucks was recently listed for sale, and as Barn Finds points out, they can be yours if you bring $60,000 to this gentleman’s garage.

Via Facebook Marketplace

As the ad explains, each Li’l Red Express comes with its original drivetrain as well as a clean title in the seller’s name. They’re in varying states of completion, with three appearing to be put-together and the fourth mid-way through a Midnite Express conversion. The latter is looking to recreate a dealer-offered package that was made available in states where the Li’l Red Express wasn’t. Whoever buys it will be responsible for wrapping up the project, though, as it’s somewhere between “almost there” and “wait, what’s going on here?”

Via Facebook Marketplace

Luckily, all of the truck bodies are straight, but it’s unclear which ones run and which ones don’t. The Li’l Red Express came with an uprated engine that made 220 horsepower, making it the fastest American car from zero to 100 miles per hour in its time, according to Car and Driver. This, along with its quirky-but-lovable styling, solidified its spot as a classic amongst collectors.

Via Facebook Marketplace

It’s hard to say if there’s someone out there who has the love, time, and space to collect four Li’l Red Express trucks the same way this fella has. Regardless, he’s offering them as a package deal for $60k. For reference, a single fair-condition example typically goes for $15k or so; meanwhile, lower-mileage collector specials can fetch $25k apiece or more.

Via Facebook Marketplace

You can find the listing on Facebook Marketplace here.

Pricing aside, there probably isn’t another collection of all-original Li’l Red Expresses like this. If you want to be the hero of your local Mopar club, this is probably the best way to do it. Or, you can just install underglow on your V6 Charger.

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