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Rivian R1T Owners Discover Old Ram Wheels Fit Great and Look Good

Talk about a throwback, huh?
Ram wheels on a Rivian R1T pickup truck
via eRig on Rivian Owners Forum

If I have one critique of the Rivian R1T’s styling, it’s that its stock wheel options are kind of generic. While you could “fix” that with (largely awful) aftermarket options, there’s a cheaper, arguably better choice staring Rivian owners in the face. As it turns out, lots of Rivian owners are turning to Rams for cheap wheels that look almost perfect on their pickup trucks.

The trend of Ram wheels on Rivians goes back close to a year, as Rivian owners have often balked at the $1,235 price of a full-size factory spare. In their place, users of Rivian Forums identified a stand-in: the 20-inch alloy wheels used on 2002 to 2012 Dodge Ram 1500s. They match the diameter of Rivian’s smallest factory wheel, as well as their bolt patterns of 5×139.7. They’re not identical stand-ins, as they’re half an inch narrower, have a lesser offset at 19 mm (versus 48 stock), and have a smaller bore at 64.1 mm as opposed to the Ram wheel’s 77.8. But they still clear the suspension in all height modes though, and with a hub-centric ring have no fitment issues.

As for price, they can be significantly cheaper than a factory full-size spare from Rivian. Even including the price of a new tire, buying a wheel from the junkyard (or from a Ram owner who switched to aftermarket) means the spare can be acquired for comparatively little. They appear to save a little money even if you buy a brand-new wheel.

Arguably, they look better too, as the 2000s Ram wheel’s simple, rounded-block design matches the styling of the Rivian R1T. Many Rivian owners agree, as there are tons of photos of R1Ts on Ram wheels to be found online. Even if you don’t prefer them to the stock equipment, they make sense as a backup set for fitting snow tires. At least, they will until someone brings out a steelie in this size, because it’s easy to see them looking good on Rivians too.

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