Ram Brazil Teases Upcoming Midsize Pickup Truck

The new Ram midsized truck is definitely going to Brazil, with still no commitment for the U.S. market.
Ram Brazil

Midsize trucks are due for a shakeup, and they are coming. Chevy just released the new Colorado, Toyota has been teasing the promising-sounding upcoming Tacoma, there may be a Mitsubishi truck coming stateside, and the rumors that Ram is cooking up a midsize truck have been persistent and stubbornly hanging around. Well folks, we know that there is a midsize Ram pickup coming. It’s only confirmed for Brazil.

Ram Brazil released a teaser video with some talking heads from Stellantis South America, some glimpses at concept sketches, and some teaser shots of the truck itself. There are some hints about the intention of the truck, with Carbuzz speculating that the truck will be made to go against the Ford Ranger Raptor, meaning that it will be a high-performance off-road truck, at least for the Brazilian market.

Brazil’s car industry is something of an outlier, with import duties and national laws that strongly encourage automakers to produce the cars it wants to sell in Brazil to make the cars in Brazil. This means that Brazil has an incredibly strong manufacturing base, and the new midsize Ram will be made in Brazil. Though those trucks will most likely stay home and aren’t meant for export markets. 

Another nugget in the video is that American engineers helped develop the truck, indicating a global effort and strongly supporting the suspicion that the truck will arrive stateside. Though we probably won’t see the exact turbocharged drivetrain hinted in the video, Stellantis has a deep catalog of engines that could power the new midsize truck, including a good portfolio of plug-in hybrids. 

Judging for the teaser shots we got, the truck will look something like the current Ram 1500, with the easily distinguishable headlight shape and daytime running light configuration that Ram favors for its full-size product. The hood is similarly aggressive and bulging as well, which is something of a Stellantis design hallmark.

The new midsize Ram might be coming soon. Exactly when (or if) is still unknown.

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