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Now Tesla Wants $250 For Its Silly Steering Yoke

If you really think the yoke is better than a normal steering wheel, then you might as well put your money where your mouth is.
Peter Holderith

Ever used a Tesla steering yoke? It’s sort of like a regular steering wheel, except a little funny. Not haha funny like a Tesla car reveal—more hmm funny like Tesla quality control. That made it weird when the electric automaker made it the only option on the Model S and X. Later it changed course and made the regular wheel an option, and now, the yoke has been relegated to option status. This is the silliest thing I have heard, maybe ever.

If you want the slightly worse steering wheel, you’re gonna have to cough up $250, as InsideEVs first spotted. This comes after Tesla was charging $700 to retrofit round wheels onto yoke-equipped cars.

Peter Holderith

The yoke has been controversial since it was first installed on Tesla’s premier offerings, not only because it’s difficult to use but because it’s evidently not a very high-quality piece. Customers reported cosmetic damage a few months into ownership. There’s allegedly an upgraded version on the way that will be offered in the Cybertruck, but details are still hazy on that.

Even if that unit was offered on the S and X, though, it wouldn’t change how difficult it is to use. The steering ratio on the two largest Teslas remains the same whether or not the yoke is installed. This means situations like parking lots or winding highway on-ramps are difficult because it’s impossible not to cross your arms over or reach for pieces of steering wheel that are now MIA. Lost, but evidently not forgotten.

So if you’re looking into buying a big Tesla, rest assured knowing the round wheel is now the standard, and the worse option costs more.

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