Not a Chance: Lewis Hamilton Isn’t Going to Ferrari F1

Both sides were quick to quash any rumors of Hamilton racing in red.

byLewin Day|
F1 photo
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When any driver achieves greatness in Formula 1, rumors always surface that they're moving to Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton is the latest in that long line, but he and Ferrari dismissed suggestions that he will soon be donning red overalls at a Grand Prix.

The story stems from recent reports in the British press that suggested Ferrari would poach Hamilton for merely $75 million. The Daily Mail led the charge with suggestions Hamilton had been in close contact with Ferrari president John Elkann to set up a deal. Reports speculated that the move could result in a direct swap, with Charles Leclerc moving to Mercedes or Sainz could instead leave the team to another rival.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, though, all parties involved quickly moved to dispel those rumors. As reported by Racer, Ferrari team principal Frédéric Vasseur was unequivocal on the matter. "We didn’t have discussions," said Vasseur and added: "I think every single team on the grid would like to have Hamilton at one stage, but it would be bullshit to not say something like this."

Vasseur was clear that the reports hadn't caused any unrest in the Ferrari camp, as the team is familiar with the usual off-base speculation as the silly season draws near. "We are used to it. We know that each week we will have new rumors and we are just focused on the event," Vasseur told the press.

Similarly, Hamilton was clear that he had not explored any such possibilities with Maranello. "I think, naturally, when you are in contact negotiations there is always going to be speculation, and unless you hear it from me, that’s all it is," said Hamilton. He noted his team was currently negotiating his next contract with Mercedes, with his current contract ending this year. "Maybe last weekend with the race being canceled they just got bored," Hamilton joked as to the source of the rumors.

Whispers of Hamilton's impending red adventure were believable, as the best rumors are. Both Hamilton and Leclerc have frustrations with their own team's performance, and it's easy to imagine wanting a fresh start after multiple seasons off the pace. Regardless, it seems like this story was always more fiction than fact. It seems more likely Hamilton will stick to his guns when ending his career at Mercedes.

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