Hear the Lamborghini Revuelto Wind Out Its 9,500-RPM V12 at the Nurburgring

Someone at Lamborghini couldn’t wait to show what the Aventador’s progeny can do.

byJames Gilboy|
Lamborghini Revuelto in blue testing at the Nürburgring
CarSpyMedia on YouTube


The Lamborghini Revuelto already towers over its predecessor the Aventador with its 1,001-horsepower hybrid V12 that spins to 9,500 rpm. You needn't imagine what that engine sounds like any longer though, because Lamborghini's new poster car has been filmed testing on the Nürburgring. Best of all, its driver didn't take it for some Sunday drive shakedown—they tested it on a real hot lap.

The Revuelto was captured testing by CarSpyMedia on YouTube, who caught the car at what appears to be an industry test day with camouflaged prototypes galore. This Lamborghini however appears to be a plain pre-production car, with bare blue paint and what's probably a near-final exhaust design. It's neither too loud nor so muffled it lacks character, signaling this is really what its crown jewel of a V12 will sound like.

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The Revuelto is powered by a 6.5-liter, naturally aspirated V12 with hybrid assist, giving it a total output of 1,001 hp and 1,051 pound-feet of torque. Laying that down through all four wheels, the one Lamborghini to rule them all dispatches zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and can exceed 217 mph. It's tricky to use all that power at the Nürburgring though, so it's unlikely we're even hearing the V12 being taken to redline. Even so, the Lamborghini gives a good wiggle now and then that shows it's lively pretty much all the time.

The pace of this prototype clearly establishes what we all expected: that the Lamborghini Revuelto will be a supercar not to be trifled with. Also, remember, this is only a pre-production Revuelto of the most basic variety—there will be faster versions to come. Remember all those Aventador-based special editions? Remember the SVJ? Those same treatments are almost certainly coming to the Revuelto, meaning the Nürburgring's ICE production car lap record may once again be under threat.

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