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GMC Hummer EV EarthCruiser Adds Carbon Fiber Pop-Up Camper With a Kitchen

There's camping, then there's glamping—then there's driving a six-figure electric super truck into the woods for a week-long stay.

Six-figure overland trucks are no longer impressive on their own. It feels weird saying 4x4s more expensive than my house are a dime a dozen, but if you look at the industry, it’s the truth. EarthCruiser is one of the OGs, though, and it wants to stay at the front of the pack with its latest luxury travel rig that’s based on the top-shelf GMC Hummer EV.

It’s an official collab with General Motors that’s accompanied by high-res photos, a manufacturer press release, and the whole shebang. You’ll understand why once you see that EarthCruiser has crafted a carbon fiber bed camper for the Hummer EV. It’s an all-season shell that makes efficient use of the space provided, not only for people but also for their gear.

With the top popped, the overall height measures 117 inches. That allows for 80 inches of standing room at the rear door, 76 inches once you take a step up into the “hallway,” and 35 inches in the sleeping section. To help illustrate that, I’m 6-foot and 5 inches tall, so I could stand in the middle of the camper so long as I slouch a little bit. Lower the top and the Hummer EV EarthCruiser is 90 inches at its peak.

There’s a snazzy sink and an electric range inside the camper, contrasting with white cabinets and black-speckled countertops. A fridge and freezer combo is included and you can plug your kettle into any of the 120-volt outlets, which are capable of receiving power from the Hummer EV EarthCruiser’s onboard solar. With help from a 12-volt lithium battery, the truck is apparently capable of providing off-grid power for up to seven days. It’s important to remember that you’re still driving an electric pickup, and while the Hummer EV has a huge battery, you aren’t likely to find a fast charger out in the woods. Plan accordingly.

EarthCruiser incorporated smart storage compartments into the camper’s sides that flip out with hydraulic struts. You can store your MaxxTraxx boards there, as well as your tactical shovel, and your kinetic recovery rope—the possibilities are endless. And while this is common fare in the overland world, what’s especially nifty is that you can access filtered water from the outside of the truck. There are seriously so many ways to make campsite coffee with this thing, and better yet, it has a 13.5-gallon freshwater storage tank. That’s a lot of java.

The plan is to make this available to customers in 2024 through EarthCruiser. There’s no word on whether or not current Hummer EV owners can take their trucks in for a retrofit, but we can expect more details to be released over time. And as far as the price goes, there’s that old saying: “If you have to ask…” But really, there’s no dollar amount listed, but you can imagine it won’t be cheap since the truck alone costs around $100,000 depending on the spec.

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